Top Headlines on Pakistani Hindus of Sindh

  • Manisha Kumari
    Manisha Kumari
  • 256 Migrating Hindus stopped at Wagha Border while migrating to India 
  • Conspiracy being hatch against Pakistan : Pak Home Minister Rahman Malik
  • Pak Govt. orders Probe into Migrating
  • Pak Minorities to be provided security : Pres. Zardari
  • How India issues 250 Visas ?: Pak Home Minister Rahman Malik
  • Hindus cannot migrate without Home Ministry permission
  • No news of Kidnapped Manisha !! after 4 days of abduction
  • Police just wasting time in #Manisha Case : Manisha’s Father
  • Pak Govt. failed to provide security to Hindus & Minoraties  : Farzana Bari
  • Migration a reality, Denying it is a crime : Rinkle’e Uncle Raj Kumar
  • We will take Gita & Shah Jo Rasilo to Hindus : STP
  • Hindus being killed or Forcefully converted. : Hindu HR activist
  • In Sindh & Pak the other name of Enemy is “Hindu” : Hindu HR Leaders
  • Hindus being targeted but not migrating @ 20 families per day : Amar Nath
  • Govt. not responsible for Conversation : Pak Hindu MNA


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  • what these bigots are doing to a great culture. In pain , we call Allah even today when we have never been to pakistan. they will suffer in hell.

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