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हो हिंदु हवा

सुधीर मोर्य इअं तह पेशे सां इंजिनियर आहे। यू पी जो रहिंदड सुधीर कुमार हिंदीअ जो लेखक तोडे कवि रहयो आहे । हेल ताईं संदुसि हेठि ड॒सयलि किताब शाई थी चुका आहिनि

कविताउं – आह, सम्स, हो ना हो

कहाणयूं – अधुरे पंख

नावल- ऐक गली कांपूर की, किस्से शंकर प्रसाद के, अमलताशा के फूल,

मजमून – बुद्ध के संवाद

पेश कजे थी संदुसि कविता जेका संसदुसि राय सा हित सिंधी में उलथो कजे थीsudheer


हो हिंदु हवा

हिंनिन पहिजे सुरन खे

जोडो समझी


संदुनि घरनि में घुरी आयलि


खेनि काफिर करार डि॒ञो

छो तह

हो हिंदु हवा


यूनन मां आयलि घोडनि जो


चूर चूर करे छडो॒

सभयता ताईं

जन जे सबब

हिन काईनात ते जन्म वरतो

हो हिंदु हवा


तराईल जे मैदान में

खिलि खिलि

शिक्सत खादल

वेरिन खे

हयाती डि॒ञी

हू हिंदु हवा

जिन जा मंदिरअ

हिन काहि आयलि डो॒हिनि

नासु करे छड॒या

जनि जूं गुलनि जेडहयूं

कुमारियूं खे

जबरनि अगवा करे

खंबे वया

जिन ते

संदुनि घरनि में

संदुनि जे ई इशवर

जी पूजा ते

जिजिया मडयो वयो

हो हिदु हवा

हा हो

हिंदु हवा

जिनि हलदीघाटी में

मूल्क जी शान

जे लाई

पहिजो रत

वहाईंदा रहया

जिन जा सिकिंदा औलाद

घाऊ जा फुलका खाई

खुश हवा

हू हिंदु हवा

हा हो हिंदु हवा


संदुनि नयाणियूं जी

को मोल नाहे

अजु॒ भी

पहिंजी जमिन ते

रहिंदा आहिनि

इन जमिन जो नाऊं

पाकिस्थान आहे

हाणे संदुनि

मात्रभूमि जो नाऊं

पाकिस्तान आहे


हाणे खेनि उते


घुरण जो हकु नाहे

हाणे संदुनि


बुधण में नह इंदी आहे ह को

दबा॒ई वेंदी आहे

अजु॒ संदुनि नयाणयूं

इन ढप में रहिंदयूं आहिनि

अगवा थिअण जो

इंदड वारो हूनिनि जो आहे

छाकाण तह मजलूम


को न को

रिंकल खां फर्याल

बणायो वेंदो आहे


जनि जूं नयाणयूं आहिनि

से हिंदु आहिनि

ऐं संदुनि


हिंदु हवा

Where is Rinkle Kumari? Report Sindhtalk

Where is Rinkle Kumari?

Nobody knows at this point of time where is Rinkle Kumari

Rinkle who’s so called love affair was solemnized by Court Order/Drama before being handed over to her husband

It had been 6 months now yet none of us exactly know where she actually is. Not surprising rumor- market is already hot with speculations

Some say Rinkle while escaping from the custody of  infamous PPP MNA ‘s Manson was in fact killed after being Shot at.

While another rumor say she is still in custody of Miyan Mithoo instead of being with her so called husband where nobody is allowed to meet her. Etc etc

Despite of the fact that Rinkle had changed her religion but denying her an opportunity to meet her mother cannot be justified under any circumstances. So much so that she have even been denied to attend marriage of her lone brother!!!

Can it be justified under any condition that being a Muslim one needs to serve all her relations . Blood relations are indeed for life time. Can a separation of Child from their mother be justified for life time ?? Can a child be separated  from her mother simply on the basis that  child have been professing separate religion. ?

We understand that despite Rinkle Kumari being  Faryal Bibi but before that she is an Human and it is only after that she is Sindhi or Muslim and more than that if any relationships exists that is of an Sister to brother or with that that of her immediate family. This relationship is just as that of an idol to an Temple. We need understand that rinkle can server her relationship with Temple but not with her immediate family could neither be served nor could be denied under any rule of nature. Rinkle right to maintain her relationship cannot be whims of Mitan mithoo . More importantly it should be brought to notice of where Rinkle is and on what basis she has been denied access to her immediate family. Immediate steps should therefore be taken for an family reunion else we all should be ready for increased pressure and more importantly we are lowering Human dignity in front of the world at large

 Link to the main  article in Arabic Sindhi :




Have you ever been abandoned ?

Have you ever felt the trauma of

Being abandoned and forced immigrate to foreign land ?

You can’t feel of their emotions as you never been forced to immigrate

You never have been forced to give up right to live in your land

How could you feel as I feel if you are not abandoned?

Or forced to immigrate!

Why shall I detail my agony to somebody

Who had never been gone through the pain that I had to go through

You’ve  never been with broken hearts

Its we,

Who are abandoned, condemned, forced to immigrate & forced to survive heartbroken

Some day even the goddess of time will have some pity on us!

May this happen I would ask to exactly this “Have you been forced to immigrate?”


Sindh is that very land where you can expect anything from freedom of being free from living heartbroken. This land has every emotion!

Once again Sindh is going through the trauma of migration and heart-broken emotions of innocent indigenous inhabitants. Have we ever bothered to feel what Sindh have been going through ? May be our own pains are too much to divert our attention to others. Leave apart sympathizing we are not even feel the reason behind even to hear what the hell is going on with them!

I still remember my childhood  when mom  would speak of entire world of some sort of Global village for humanity but never missed to used that land on which we grew up from infancy to  the adult , how come we could forget the natural bond that land!! The bond between the land and people are such which cannot cast off no matter how much hard one tries. But notwithstanding such time tasted laid out laws of nature something is indeed going on in some of our hearts who are bend upon speeding hostility for love.

I still lament of the fact that how we compromise promptly hatred for love or peace which has the potential of isolating them from the rest. But needless to say it is those people who are to suffer the most of this man-made isolation.

These are same hands that are making mess of Sindh. They  believe they are indeed powerful and can indeed impose a change on us. Had any ever been told time spares none !!

We have been watching silently as indigenous inhabitants of Sindh viz  Sindhi Hindus are being tormented. Why this have been happening ? What are the reasons behind it ? I had never ever  denied that Sindhi Hindus (Although I don’t prefer to use the word “Sindhi Hindu”. They are the indigenous son of the soil then why they should be referred as Sindhi Hindus and not as just Sindhis) have been troubled and forced to pay Bhatta (Protection money to the local mafia).  But despite this they choose to stay in their mother land expecting   that such issue would pass by with the passage of time and above all with the hope  that one should not abandon the land of their forefathers

As they have been facing each day with vigor what all off happened they have been migrating …Time is indeed ruthless as well as unpredictable! Hypocrisy & atrocities might now be practiced by majority but those practice it are indeed powerful who have been giving free hand to terrorize minorities in any possible form. There are not even questioned by rule of land as why such crimes are being perpetuated ?  When such perpetuators of crimes roam free, the tormented even being a majority feel beleaguered. This is what been happening in Sindh. A meticulously planned game is being played in Sindh which might seem invisible to us may be we tend not to break our silence.

I have been writing in Daily Ibarat since the last three years that Hindus are being tormented and with time they might be forced to vacate sindh, not only this but Sindhi Hindus had to get out of their  ever shrinking space and should stake their claim of ownership of Sindh. If house-owners helplessly gives up and prefers to migrate who will confront the perpetuators? They seem to be bit too ready to give up our claim !!

Nevertheless, In Sindh Hindus have been tormented by killings or by Kidnappings. The precedence of CHAK (Near Sharkarpur where 4 Hindu Doctors were shot dead in their clinic) is before us- Despite head of the state taking stern notice, killers were freed. Not only this had an high raking police officer confirm in anonymity of intense pressure to free the killers and force Hindus to migrate from Sindh.

One of the reason of deteriorating condition had been near pin drop silence of Political parties on  Chak incident. Why this happened ? Sindhi Hindus have been forced to migrate yet non of the so called sindhi parties bother to break roza of their silence!! I fail to comprehend weather these parties belong to sindh or to somewhere else ?

Post Chak no mass migration was noticed among Hindus but then what the hell happened all of sudden that set cat among the pigeons !!!! In any case there had been dozen of cases involving Hindu Girls. Let us take the case of Rinkle Kumari where the girl begged to go with her parents from Lower courts to highest count on the land. Even CJ Pakistan at an  occasion did clarify to Noved Shah (Her Kidnapper) that this case is clear cut that the girl wished to go with her mother.!!!!

Alas! From Rinkle kumari to Asha Kumari none of the political parties or any organization did ever bothered to take up her their case !!!

Almost all the political parties choose remain mute claiming Rinkle Issue of being a “Love Affair” Had they fought the case of Hindu Kidnapped with vigor it would had indeed added a new lease of live to an dormant Sindh. Surprisingly nobody bothered to question the verdict of CJ Pakistan why Rinkle & Asha were bluntly denied Justice ?

Question arises why did the sindh based parties backtracked? Whom they were trying to protect ??

In case the parties have been claiming that this is a mare case of three Girls and haven won’t fall apart  if we don’t intervene then it is quite obvious that they do not have any feel of the days to come. Those who remain silent,  are they not aware what the hell have been happening in sindh since the incidents of through Chak till that of Rinkle Kumari as what & why such games are being staged ?

When we have been writing that sindh should understand that such cases are not simple the mare cases of ad hoc killing and abduction, the sindh based parties not only remain silent mute spectators of the drama that was being unfolded but allowed all to happen.

Today when we are witnessing en mass migration of Hindus from Sindh, all off sudden they seem to wake up from slumber to raise hue & cry of Hindu migration and its effect of Sindh!!!.

Today the issue is not of condemning the stud silence of Sindhi parties but to take charge where these parties have made the mess with the view that they come to their senses. But despite all our clarion call these parties refuse to mend their laid out ways even from the prospective of Human Rights leave apart agony of Sindh from Chak to Rinkle kumari cases.

Sindh nationalist no more have the spine or fire power  that we had noticed in the past and  more importantly they show neither promise nor and potential to take up the challenge that Sindh is up to.

They have indeed limited  themselves of  protest which hardly lasts couple of days  before returning to their self imposed dormancy. Not to forget the ruling party which never bothered to even pull up its minister as on basis he is keeping Hindu girls in his custody ?

What are the reasons of such mass migration of Hindus from Sindh ?

I see two reasons one is to destroy Sind’s economy and other is to damage Sindhi Vote bank. If Hindus (Sindh’s Sindhi Business community) migrate Sind’s hold on Market in sindh would eventually suffer . If Hindus migrate Sindhi votes too would get a beating for sure and their majority would be hit pretty badly.

If we haven’t forgotten than let us remember 2010-11 when sindhi vote-bank took a bodyblow durning to successive Floods which led to migration of Sindhis within Sindh now with Hindu Migration form Sindh situation is obviously expected to get worse !!

Behind the Curtin there are no dearth of conspiracy which want to want sindh to loose its majority to the migrated ones – a process which is indeed running in its full swing!!

Coincidently the issues no matter how insignificant they seem but enough to bring havoc for sindhis in days to come. This is the reason why we need to get to the bottom of such issues

Alas! Sindhis could understand that migration of Hindus is not a mare issue for Hindus but is linked with the future of Sindh in days to come . “Fear for that day you Sindhis when we will have contest only for the reserved seats in your Sindh aka present day Hindu Sindhis”

But millon dollar question is how come Hindus forget what they have been taught in GITA!! Where soul is dedicated karma (service) . One should not bother about end result. Today Sindh is in pains where no body seem to be secure and under such circumstances if we migrate believing that our lives are not same, had anybody ever comprehend as what would be the condition of Sindh in days to come ??

We  all have failed to see Sindh its eyes ?

Although there no denying of the fact  that migration is painful under any circumstances but none the less in such an blind pursuit are we now leaving helpless & condemned  ?

Translated by : Rakesh Lakkani , Gandhidham, Kutch

Rinkle Statement issued by Adv. Amarlal

Rinkle Statement as issued by Advocate Amarlal – chief advocate for Hindu Girls abdication case and addressed to Ambassador Robbin Raffal and deputy Ambassador US,Embassy Islamabad Mr.Hoagland and Miss Sarah pack

I meet Rinkle Kumari first time after abduction before her recording of
statement before the registrar of supreme court. registrar of the supreme court of Pakistan was ordered by the chief justice of Pakistan to record the statement of abducted Rinkle Kumari, Lata& Asha.

Rinkle told me she was abducted on 24th of feb. after the sexual and
psychological harassment, i was produced in civil court Ghotki, i gave
statement to go with my parents and permission was not granted on 27th
parent were not allowed to meet me in court, on 25th of feb while i
was in police station shaker around 02 am i was physically and sexually
abused by Naveed shah the so called husband and the sons of
religious leader of Ghotki Mian Abdul Haq alias Mian Mittha , Mian Aslum
and no one saved at that time, again i was in shelter home Islamabad
same torcher was giving to me by Ishaq Lashri in police
station Karachi who accompanied us during our travel to Islamabad.
on 26th while Hearing in Supreme Court of Pakistan I said that I wish
to go with my parent on piece of paper in writing that was shown by
the chief justice of Pakistan during the herring in presence of the whole
court but I was not giving permission to go to my parents home . I even
shouted and cried for help and said to the chief justice that sir I don’t want to go to the shelter home but with my family along with my mother.

Moreover I refused to sign any document what so ever. but despite that I
was forcefully sent to a shelter home in Karachi
yesterday i wass shifted to Islamabad same atrocity took place in a
repeated fashion with me in Islamabad i was not kept in a shelter home
in Islamabad

I think that i will not get justice in Pakistan and my the parents and
other supporters cannot save me and help me so i have to have no other option but to commit suicide due to the police, Islamic extremists and the current government. Untill & unless I commit suicide I will be continue to abused sexually by Miyan Mithoo’s sons in the name of so called Muslim husbands.

With Regard
Amar Laal
Former Minister & Chairman of Minority Rights Commition





I meet Rinkle Kumari first time after abduction before her recording of
statement before the registrar of supreme court. registrar of the supreme court of Pakistan was ordered by the chief justice of Pakistan to record the statement of abducted Rinkle Kumari, Lata& Asha.Rinkle Statement as issued by Advocate Amarlal – chief advocate for Hindu Girls abdication case and addressed to Ambassador Robbin Raffal and deputy Ambassador US,Embassy Islamabad Mr.Hoagland and Miss Sarah pack

Rinkle told me she was abducted on 24th of feb. after the sexual and
psychological harassment, i was produced in civil court Ghotki, i gave
statement to go with my parents and permission was not granted on 27th
parent were not allowed to meet me in court, on 25th of feb while i
was in police station shaker around 02 am i was physically and sexually
abused by Naveed shah the so called husband and the sons of
religious leader of Ghotki Mian Abdul Haq alias Mian Mittha , Mian Aslum
and no one saved at that time, again i was in shelter home Islamabad
same torcher was giving to me by Ishaq Lashri in police
station Karachi who accompanied us during our travel to Islamabad.
on 26th while Hearing in Supreme Court of Pakistan I said that I wish
to go with my parent on piece of paper in writing that was shown by
the chief justice of Pakistan during the herring in presence of the whole
court but I was not giving permission to go to my parents home . I even
shouted and cried for help and said to the chief justice that sir I don’t want to go to the shelter home but with my family along with my mother.

Moreover I refused to sign any document what so ever. but despite that I
was forcefully sent to a shelter home in Karachi
yesterday i wass shifted to Islamabad same atrocity took place in a
repeated fashion with me in Islamabad i was not kept in a shelter home
in Islamabad

I think that i will not get justice in Pakistan and my the parents and
other supporters cannot save me and help me so i have to have no other option but to commit suicide due to the police, Islamic extremists and the current government. Untill & unless I commit suicide I will be continue to abused sexually by Miyan Mithoo’s sons in the name of so called Muslim husbands.

With Regard
Amar Laal
Former Minister & Chairman of Minority Rights Commition

Why Sindhi Hindus are repeating their mistakes ??

Veegas is an well known columnist writing for Frointer Post (in English) as well as Daily Ibarat (Sindhi). At a time when Sindh is trough massive upheavals which could be equated only to that of Partition and more important mass migration of Hindu Sindhis from Sindh.

Ever since the issues of abduction and Forced conversation issue came up, Veengus trough her writings have been raiseing concers/fears of an radical sindh. She represents those handful of members of the sindhis who continue to raise hopes despite denial of justice my Highest court of Pakistan.

Presented here is one such article in English for those who are unaware of Sindhi. This article was publidhed in Sindhi Daily Ibarat on 28 th. June 2012.


Why Sindhi Hindus are repeating their mistakes ??

After the verdict of 18th. April the impression is that we have lost all faith on the law of land. We understand it as an natural reaction when a court of the stature like Supreme Court itself proclaims such an verdict which for a moment at least makes us believe of hardly any difference between an dictatorial government and Supreme Court functioning under an democracy. This is what the general impression have been after Pakistan SC verdict from Rinkle Kumari to Asha Kumari cases.

Notwithstanding the fact that is the past too atrocities against the indigenous sons of the mother sindh who are being referred as Hindu Sindhis have been rampant ranging from Kidnapping to murders in open streets, who can forget the murder of young Hindu in open market at Jacacobad !!!

Shall we forget the killing of four hindu doctors at Chak ?

Who had till date delivered justice in all such cases ?? when there is nothing called justice in real terms for poor what the hell they should agitate for ? Everybody need to mark his own limits. The poor and unfortunate should take a note of their limits!!!!

Post 18 April have seen remarkable increase in Migration of Hindus from Sindh & Baluchistan primarily due to deteriorating security condition. There is little doubt in the fact that Hindu Sindhis are insecure but the point is are the Hindu only one insecure ?? I wish to put the question to all indigenous inhabitants of Sindh & Baluchistan are people of Sindh not being torched ? Are sindhi not being turned to minority ? If tomorrow Sindhis start dividing themselves into groups and began complaining that we are not being taken care off so shall we too migrate from Sindh ? Will our issues gets resolved with by giving up our own Dharti mata !!!! That is what the conspirator’s want that “Forced the indigenous people to migrate and make room for their own”!!!! That’s the very reason they are mischievously planning to attack us from behind. But instead of facing up to the issues all are busy packing up their bag & baggage f to say Goodbye !!! Look at the big cities of Sindh, so much so that even being a Sindhi is a sort of crime !!! Providing education to Sindhis is hardly permitted so shall we pull ourselves back from cities ???

Today I ask a simple straightforward question from Sindhis that tomorrow if our sindh is trouble and difficult times knock our door so shall, we dump our motherland ???

The mistakes committed in 1947 should not be repeated. If during that time we instead of giving up our land, had we preferred to fight with the intruders, Sindh would have been different world. If we vacate our homes that in a way implies that in addition to giving others room you are giving up your right to return as well and if repeated such will obviously hunt us. This is what intruders (of our Land) want and if after such a long time we are unable to comprehend it would be indeed unfortunate. The issues need to be addressed by standing firm and not by running away from our own Land. All what we need is introspect bring up the solution.

We should not expect the find solutions by emptying sindh nor expect any spectacular solution to our owes!!

We can only request them (Hindus ) that my giving up sindh they should not repeat the mistakes already committed once . If today the issue are hunting us tomorrow they might not be any issue in the first place but for GOD sake don’t deprive your future generation of their motherland simply because some issues had come up !!!

Sindh : Bhagat Kanwar Ram to Rinkle Kumari

At the time when media print as well as electronic were busy in glorifying the Rinkle Kumari issue as “Love Affair “ or joyfully proclaiming the victory of ever -Islam over non Islamic religion it was Sindhi columnist Asad Chandio who unearthed the real story being the curtain.
Preseted herewith the same article of Asad Chandio in English for millions of Sympathizers of Rinkle Kumari who who don’t know Sindhi

Sindh : Bhagat Kanwar Ram to Rinkle Kumari

Using religion /Islam as an tool for intoxication, terrorizing one own race have been an pretty common feature of Sindh & Sindhis since ages present in the form of innumerable conspiracies against sindh . With the passage of time and more importantly despite both the conspiracy & conspirators being unmasked and their true color being made public we tend to be an integral part of such conspiracy without any self analysis or ever shy away by silently ignoring such conspiracy, neither we show any signs if not to replicate in future. Demonizing our own race aka snakes have been our national disease have bully us repeatedly and is to continue till the time we make ourselves believe of being our “own-self” and catalyzed us for a change.

Mirpur Mathelo’s Rinkle Kumari has indeed got strangled comprehensively in the game played in the name of “Love”!!!. One of the staunchest opponent of “Love Marrage” or “marriages by one’e own” Sindh have been issuing certificates of its progressiveness that ranges from “Rinkle issues being an issue of Love Marriage what the hell that we could do ?” to “Why the hell we should intervene ? “ thanks to the initial immaturity of Rinkle. From nationalists to Human Rights activist all are wrapped themselves in stubbed silence. Media too eager not to left behind have been working overtime to cover-up the crimes of rinh & powerful of Ghotki as if they are unaware that “One besieged out of some mistake forced to be a part of scoundrels is pleading for help with her tearful eyes”. Media bigwigs too seem to accept the “accepted” the “change” which is evident from their gleeful enjoyment as if they are not required to be aware of their responsibility !!!

The sheer disgrace of news Journalist in Sindh despite being present in Ghoki have forced me to take up the task of unearthing the truth being the story. As I went deep in the story facts the case become apparent that instead the story instead being that of an innocent girl of being in love with a wrong man she was the victim of an well planned conspiracy. A conspiracy that is at work since 1939 till date with outmost ruthlessness. We neither took notice of it then nor we intend to take notice today as “What I happening? “,Why it is happening? and “if allowed to happen what may happen down the line ?”

Before understanding as Who conspired this? why did they conspired ? and who were the conduits of such conspiracy ? let us understand the facts of “Rinkle case”
Rinkle kumari is 17 year student of Std. X residing at Sahi bazaar, Mirpur Mathelo who is planning for further studies. In the same locality is another young man Naved Shah, who apart from belonging to Panjabi Shelter family is a part of such a hippies who are controlled by criminal kingpin Hasam Kalhoro who is intern is under the care of Gothki Warlord and is known in world at large as MNA belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party. Hashim Kulhoro is an resident of an village Waki near Mirphur Mathelo being known for his ruthless in crime worls. To understate his crime one needs to refer single instance which happen way back in 2000: SHO after arresting him paraded him naked in Mitpur Mathelo. Naved Shah is just an little know member of his infamous Gang who earned some sort of distinction by merely being the conduit of forceful conversation thereby washing away all his past sins. In this context the issue comes of Rinkle being close to Naved Shah or being forced to be close to him is crucial to the understanding of the episode . It is imperative that we get into the bottom the issue to understand the mess.
Rinkle issue came to light on the Night of Friday February 24 (Remember Friday night – the importance that it has in pious Musalmaan’s life), the general view about Rinkle absconding goes on as this- She came out of her residence at Night she reached at that place where Hasam Kulhoro had already deputed three of his trusted men to help Naved Shah. Rinkle took the risk to meet Naved Shah but presence of three of Naved’s companion took her by surprise and shockingly her hope of returning got sealed on that point of time. She paid the price of her adventure by being at a place where she never thought to me in the wildest of her dreams. On 24 Feb Rinkle’s Uncle registers an FIR Vide no 2012/21 in Mirpur Mathelo Police Station thereby registering a complain officially against Naved Shah.

Even before Rinkle’s relatives and Town’s Hindu Panchyet get in terms of the situation of “What happened ? or How it happened ?” Rinkle’s family gets a calls around 1 PM from non other that local PPP MNA’s son Miyan Islam that Rinkle is with us and in you wished to meet her you are welcomed at Barchandis Sharif . Hindu community living in Ghotki are well aware of fact that how much freedom an 17 year old will be provide to express her desire/emotions in Barchondi Sharif !!!! Understandably the above circumstances Miyan Islam was asked to present Rinkle to DPO office which he refused. Eventually though he does agrees to bring Rinkle to Hindu panchyet office , but despite an verbal agreement Rinkle could not be presented on Hindu panchyet community hall as Miyan Mithoo team backtracked !!!!!
As per what have been detailed till now two things come to light

1. If Rinkle had herself choose to accept Islam than she could have been be presented at any damn place. If that had happen Barchondis could have remove the tag of forceful conversation of their head.!!! Why they were insisting only on Barchondi Sherif where nothing moves against their wishes ????

2. And in case Naved is an ordinary young man who wished to have some relationship with Rinkle , then she should have been in Naved’s residence but why she had been brought to infamous Barchondis who have dubious reputation for forceful conversation!!! Whatever may be the outcome of the talks between Rinkle relatives/Hindu community members, all communication was however postponed till any decisions is arrived at Sr. Civil Judge office at Ghotki

What happened on the next day in the office of SSP & Sr. Civil Judge Ghotki can only be understood on analysis of the drama enacted on a day before and after :
On Saturday 25 Feb. the torch bearer of lone voice in solidarity with the Rinkle’s family Mr. Raiz Chandio of Nationalist Sindhi Party Jeye Sindh Kaumi Mahaz was asked to come down to DSP Ghotki Office to meet Rinkle. The moment he arrived he saw not the police officer in this official chair but Miyan Mithoo’s Brother Miyan Shaman !!!! This act clearly justifies the apprehension that if Govt officials could behad in glove and susceptible to political pressure then what to expect of the victims !!!!!. The institutions who swore to work on the principals of Justice, impartiality & rule of Land shocks with yet another act : The DSP said to Riyaz Chandio “ In case you do not wished to Meet Rinkle in presence of Miyan Saam then you may meet her in presence of Naved Shah!!!”

Any dam person aware of justice system could easily understand that How come a person like Naved Shah be allowed to be with her victim when an FIR had already been lodge merely 24 hours back ? How it could be accepted by the family whose daughter have been kidnapped would ever accept to meet her alongside her abductor??? Throughout the drama Rinkle watch the scenario behind the closed window of Miyan Saam vehicle helplessly as Rinkle parents unable to get any positive response move to the office of Civil Judge Ghotki where her Statement under Rule 164 was to be recorded.

Rule 164 dictates that Statements is to be recorded in presence of both the parties which include even the lawyers from both sides. Consequently Rinkle began recording her statement which in presence of Naved Shah lawyers. Rinkel said “ I never choose to run away and marry. Some people intruded from our terrace and abducted me. I wish to go return to my family and not to Naved Shah or Barchiadis Pirs”. Rinkle not only gave the statement while she meet har parents but only in presence of Respected Judge of Civil Court. But while Rinkle was recording her statement a pre planned drama was enacted in the courtroom. (the chief conspirators are obviously believe to be Naved Shah’s lawyers as they passed on the information to miyan Mithoo , news about the statements being recorded of Rinkle). Even before the formalities for recording Rinkle Statement complete an drama is enacted in which Naved how apparently was medically fit& Fine , all off sudden acts to be fainted in the court room and to everybody surprise the Judge instead of handing over Rinkle to her parents transfers Rinkle to the sympathizers of Pirs , police for two days before postponing the session and Police follows suit to transfer her to Womens Police remand at Shukkar. This led to the process for modification of statement for Article 164 is initiated pretty easily !!!!! While Rinkle’s lawyers cried foul but the fate of Rinkle was as such that court instead of considering Darualm – Women Shelter home considered Police Custody as much more secure for Rinkle !!!!!

While still in Police Custody another notable incidentcomes to loght. While is she cursing her fate in her cell a policeman handsover a mobile phone to attend a call from warlord from Ghoti. On refusing to attend the call the policemen switches on the speakers. The strongman on call issues a veiled threat which goes as follows “look ! in case you don’t change your official statement of returning to your parents, not only you but all your family members will be butchered to death and Shops and residences of Hindus of ghotki will be set on fire”

In the mean time on the night of February 26 immediately after the news spreads that Pakistani President had taken a strong notice of the incident, the police which was till now “dutifully” abiding with the court orders immediately shifts Rinkle from Women Police custody that too at dead night around 2 AM. The court proceedings was to start from 8:15 AM on Feburary 27, yet it repeating the scenario of abduction shifts Rinkle in uttur hurry. Nobody knows why prompted the police to shift Rinkle that too in such an hurry considering the distance from Sukkur to Mirpur Mathelo takes just one hour !!!

27th. February was the day of unprecedented developments for inhabitants of Mirpur Mathelo. All roads leading to Court of Civil Judge were sealed by Tankers. But shockingly such restrictions were not applied for sympathizers of Pirs & Mullhas who rammed in Dozens of Vehicles whose numbers is any estimates not less than in thousands. Despite massing up such an strength they still required fully loaded guns to face an unarmed handful of members of Hindu community such was their fear on that day!!!!. On the other hand no one is ready to ferry Rinkle’s family members or their sympathizers to court such is the fear factor in Ghotki !!! When this issue was being taken up with the local police – out of sheer pity police allows just and only four women of Rinkle’s Family and the petitioner Rinkle’s uncle Daya Ram was permitted to reach the court!!!!. On one side Barchandis Pirs fully armed Sons & Brothers (Miyan Mithoos son Miyan Aslam was fully armed – His picture was in fact displayed in Media reporting as well) with fully armed men along with thousands of their supporters and on the other hand was mare four women of Rinke’s Family and lone male member Uncle Daya Ram !!!! In such an “Justified” environment when their vehicle makes its way to the court , Lawyers fighting the case for Naved Shah yells at the Muslim Layers representing Rinkle and removes their black forcibly as if by conquering the body of an 17 year old helpless girl equates to conquering of Somnath Mandir -“ What a Fuss !!!! Being Muslims your people are representing Hindus ????? you bloody betrayers !!!!” However by some way eventually Rinkle Family did make way to the court just to see the entire courtyard filled with not only armed followers of Barchandis but by Miyan Mithoo sons Miyan Rafiq & Miyan Aslam apart from their brother in law Miyan Javed !!!.

Under rule 164 it is mandatory that the statement be recorded after a meeting of victim with both the parties which may go up to 2 hours after which the statement could be recorded but in the history of judiciary this should be the first time that court which assembles at 08:15 in the morning, treats an Victim to be a criminal , denies the family even to see her visually leave apart any sort of meeting!!!!!. The court which merely 48 hours back spend its entire day unable to record her statement displayed unprecedented hurry to finish off the proceedings by 8:45 AM !!!! That too by “announcing!!!!” that Rinkle statement have been recorded !!!!! Even before the court room was getting emptied that lies start spreading courtesy private news channel that “ Hey ! Rinkle had choose to be Muslim by accepting Shariat Mahumadi !!!!

In a sheer mockery of Media present even before the court is adjourned Rinkle was handed over to the barchandis !!!

Today the law of land is silent, Judiciary is silent and silent are those nationalist who hardly waste any time to shed blood for any drop of sweet in the name of Sindhi nationalism. !!!! Utter Soundlessness had engulfed even those Human Right Activists who hardly waste a minute to take credit of their sacrifices in the name of humanity and make it heard from victims!!!! Media too is either silent or busy chanting slogans “ Islam Zindabad ”!!!! Under such circumstances if there are any tears it had to be that of either Rinkle’s or her relatives!!!! who if they had strength would have brought storm to save her!!….Everybody had reasons to be quite. The so called Sindhi Nationalists choose to lick Wadhers (Rich & Powerfull of interior sindh) feet rather than take up Sindh’s cause.!!! One of the gretest Sindhi Poet Shekh Awaz was once reminded “ Are you aware of the sindhi you are talking about ?” today such assessment seem too read to ignore

Barchondis own infamous dubious character was displayed in full public glare was neither the first nor the last. 2nd. November 1939 was the unfortunate day when one of the respected, Holy and admired Saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated at Ruk Statation by the same Barchondis. The main accused in that Muder case was none other than own father of now PPP MNA Miya Mithoo, Abdul Rahim along with his two followers. At that time British were busy implementing their well tested policy of spreading venom between Hindus and Muslim in Sindh and strengthening the very presence of Muslim League in Sindh and above anything triggering off the mass migration of Hindus from Sindh , Barchondis were the ones who prepared the ground for them brick by brick. With the well thought out game plan under their sleeves the British initially managed to harass men of Barchondis and in return the revenge was taken by assassinating Sain Bhagat Kanwar Ram. Now only this the same group was responsible for the killing in broad daylight in Sukkur of Mr Panmani – the Hindu member of Sindh Assembly who protested against the killing.!!!!!Such was the mechanism of Barchondis to strengthen Muslim League at the expenses of Sindh’s Hindu Sindhi community. This eventually forced lacs of Hindus to take refuge in foreign land (India). The conspiracy is still alive till this very day. The blue eyed boys of those “Desi British” are still studying the same lessons from the same dargah working dedicatedly on the same mission. Despite the fact that in sindhi Muslim samaj, the punishment for even a abuse of slightest crime against women is bloody DEATH yet when it comes to a Hindu Sindhi even a well respected PPP leaders are more than ready to abuse, abduct and convert young hindu girls!!! In a society where a mare crime like theft of an Goat by an poor unable to hire a lawyer could result in a life imprisonment!!!, herds of layers and Media assembles in excitement and joy for a case which is nothing more than a clear cut case of Kidnapping & forced conversation.!!!! Apart from forcefully converting teenage girls from the same village Daya Bai, Rajni Bai, Dr. Radha , Dr Sulachni Gul, Priyanka Nilam Ladhani , thereby glorifying Islam. Despite being responsible for crimes against humanity they shockingly pride in it!!!. There are reports that Hindu girls who are married on some pretext or other and then after nullified from their marriages are made sex slaved and are made to present at their service as kidnappers wish !!!. Whenever such issue comes to light we sindhi Muslims had to do more than merely pointing fingers at each other , but till the time the issues come to light we had to reconcile to the fact that we had to stay in Black dark night but more importantly it will be our political activism & Sindhi pride that shall me made to pay for the mess. Some day some where we would obviously be held us accountable for sure !!!

Weather Rinkle case would be like the Bengali women (of 1971 period in Now Bangladesh) Rajni -brutalized and raped mother of 4 or it could proved to be a test case of Sindhis (Muslims) being alive and conscious – I don’t know but I would like to preset the words of an physician of the beleaguered Hindu community to the people of Sindh. I am sure everybodyof us in present day Sindh should be having some answer but what I don’t know is weather we would like to pronounce our verdict !!!! Everybody from us however could put up the question the themselves. Assuming that I put the same question to myself, I could not sleep for more than 2 hours in the last 48 hours. If you like instead of thinking anything else , condenser just as we normally do- kick out such non-sense and believe that Sindhis are better off thinking that evaluating such issues is nothing than wastage of time: We are strictly upset, we are tense and under severe psychological pressure “ What prevents us from seeking justice for ourselves , that we cant even see our forcefully kidnapped/married daughters, can’t meet our daughters, and cant invite them as guests !!! Ten this bring us to the as existed during hey days of Muslim league – that is Shall we start killing our teenage daughters with our own hands on reaching puberty ???????

Rinkle’s SMS to her MOM shared by Raj Kumar

Mom, Leave me & migrate to India so that I could give up my life with ease. These ppl blackmail me that my family would be wiped out. If I refuse to take meal but they manage to force me once a day’s meal under the threat of Guns. Mayan Mithoo tells me that from if your relatives couldn’t save you in Ghotki court , Shelter House & Supreme Court do you think that they could ever free you ? I said I was never a Muslim & I will never will be a Muslim either. I just want to be with my mom. They force me to eat Beef almost every day but I throw it away. I simply survive on Vagetables & Paulses just 2 be alive. Mom please tell me when you are migrating to India so that I could die. They tell me that they will be taking me to Saudi Arab durning Ramzan – I refuse they threaten me with Gun. MOM I want to die but god is not permitting me that too.

I came to know that my brother had got married. Look at my fate I could not even sing Sehra (Sindhi Marriage songs) in my lone brother’s marriage!! I planned a lot for my Pavan’s marrage. Mom even putting all effort you couldn’t save me. I cried in front of media that this country is or Muslims. Hindus wont get justice here. Mom today I cried for the entire day, no body is there so provide me solace. This never happed when I was with you Ghotki. Mom, what my Bhabi thinks about me ?

Mom I belonged to you yesterday and I belong to you today. Kidnappers might have control of my body but my soul will always be with you, I and my dead body.

Tell Bhabi that whatever happed was not Rinkle’s fault. I heard that mama rajkumar had left Pakistan. Ask for forgiveness from on my behalf. Tell mama it was not my fault. Hope you don’t delete this SMS ?

Sindhi Media Awami Awaz reports action against DG, Intelligence for threatening Rinkle to change her statements.

Karachi (Awami Ahwaz news) 26th. May : Atrocities on daughter of Sindh Rinkle Kumai have been such that even IG (intelligence bureau) didn’t spared her . There are reports IG Intelligence threaten Rinkle to wipe out her entire family in case she didn’t change her statement in Ghotki court. Not only this IB (Intel) even provided his official vehicle to the religious leaders. There are cridable reports that 5 officials belonging to Ghotki & Larkana IB along with some constables have been questioned and suspended. As per the information, on the application of Hindu Panchyet, Joint DG ( I B) Gulam Nabi memon had iniciated action against Asst. Dirrector Ghotki range Shadi Khan, A S (I B) Shadi Khan Dasti, Asst. Director Larkano, Gulam Hasan Khaso, Constable Akber Lakhan & Madsar have been questioned and in the same case Nisar Bhutto & Miyan Sahid have been suspended from the service. As per the information received from Joint DG (IB) Gulam nabi memon all those suspended have been involved in the kidnapping of Rinkle kumari and helped influential politician & religious leaders in intimating Rinkle Kumari to change her statement in courts. Rinkle Mumari was threaten that incase she insist on her previous statement her entire family would be wiped out. There are confirm reports that DG Larkano allowed he vehicle to be used for the pourpose . DG Lanrako in the mean time have been issued a show cause notice . In his initial response to the show cause notice DG Larkano had acknowledged that he had been the follower of Barchundi and had followed the orders of his religious teacher. It was because of DG Larkano that Rinkle Kumari changed her earlier statements of going back to her family.



The case of Rinkle Kumari & other kidnapped HINDU girls is an testimony of the fact how Hindu Girls in Sindhi Province of Pakistan are liven in a hell called Pakistan. To anyone who is aware of the plight of Hindus in Sindh province, it is an regular affair. Hindu teenage girls being kidnapped and if  protest happen FIR (First Information Report) gets registered and on prolonged agitation eventually if the girls are traced then presented to courts which eventually solemnize the kidnappings and presents them to ever growing strength of Islam.

All such cases have a pre-written script with Girls getting kidnapped-present to Maulvi (Muslim clergymen)  who happily converts them followed by an  immediate marriage. The cases that does end up to courts ultimately forced to fail. All the testimony is based on the girls account. In all such cases the Girls is virtually  made to feel alone. Separated from her family and left with no legal support Girls had to fell in line or else they get manhandled & bitten up open courts or sexually abused.

The script of Rinkle Kumari reflects this reality word by word. Rinkle Kumari daughter of Primary School employee Nand Lal was kidnapped on 24th. March. As usual most of the kidnappings are carried out at nights and are planned. In the morning as soon as it was noticed that the girls was missing process of registering an FIR was initiated. For we Indians it might be a mare formalities but not so for Hindu minority in Sindh. The kidnappers had their home work done. No Police officials were ready to register the FIR so important to initiate the case. It took 5 long hours and an intensive agitation by the local Hindu minority community and blocking of Punjab-Sindh Highway that ultimately led to the registration of FIR by the Police against the unidentified persons.

By 1 PM Rinkle Kumari whereabouts were indeed been traced via a Phone Call that she is in Barchandi Sharif Dargah (Shrine) and had converted to ISLAM !!. Rinkle Parents were informed that  in case they wished to meet their daughter they are welcomed. The phone call was from one of the sons of Miyan Abdul Haq . an influential Politician from Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari’s Party Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Nick named as Miyan Mithoo, he is the member of Pakistan National Assembly elected on the ticket of PPP and a powerful politician of Mirpur Mathelo. In the conversation that followed couple of alternative sites were discussed viz. Hindu Panchyet Hall (Local Hindu community Hall), Local Police Office etc but even though Local Panchyet office was agreed upon but eventually by the time local Hindu community members could reach they were informed  that the meeting had to be in Shrine. Any Hindu residing in that part of the world is well aware of the Barchindi Sharif which had notorious record of Forced Religious conversation. In such an atmosphere it is unlikely that the girl ever dare to complain her excess.

In the mean time local Hindu Panchyet along with the support of Local leader of Nationalist Party of Sindh Jiye Sindh Mr. Ryaz Chandio continued their un- abetted protest which led to the Local Ghotki Court taking us the case for hearing. Reports from the court as well as the lawyers of the Hindu community suggests that Rinkle Kumari an 19 year Std. XII student did clearly spoke of her mind and said that she had indeed been kidnapped and that she wished to return to her family. But before her statement could be recorded by the  , a drama was enacted my Naved Shah – the younger son of Miyan Abdul Haq which despite being is perfect health pretends to be unconscious. The Judge taking diktats from the politician immediately postpones the hearing with Rinkle Statements remain unrecorded. Not only has this he shifted Rinkle to Police Custody!!! Instead of any women shelter home as per norm in such cases. While Hindu community cried foul judge went ahead  with the decision and so was local administration including Law enforcing agencies.

It is quite apparent that the location was so chosen so as to have complete freedom in intimation and exactly that’s what happened. Rinkle did inform that she was threatened  of dire consequences if she continue to insist on returning to her parents. Reports suggests that she was threaten of attacks  of not only on  her family but of Hindu community at large. For the Hindu community in that part of the world such threats are indeed real and cannot be ignored. There have been cases with Hindu minority have been attacked which resulted in loss of human Life. As a matter of fact couple of months back 4 Hindu Doctors were gun down in their clinic. Till date no prosecution have taken place although some arrests did take place. The main accused in this case was Chief of Pakistan Peoples Party Shikarpur Unit belonging to Bhiyo caste is still at large and had been roaming free. Recently some tribal Courts have proclaimed to offer blood money to the nearest of the Kins of the Hindu Community as an compensation for the killing. Clearly the government & Judiciary are indeed helpless as regards the justice when Hindu minority community is involved.

While in Police custody and being my Miyan Abdul Haq men, Rinkle was shifted to Mirpur Mathelo at dead night around 2 AM from her Shikarpur custody. Local Media letter reported that Police Station where Rinkle was locked up shifted her to Ghotki police Station upon a news that Pakistan President have taken a strong notice of the incident and sought a report from Sindh Government on the incident.

The next morning local Ghotki court had an unprecedented atmosphere. All roads leading to the court were blocked by the local administration but such restriction weren’t for Miyan  Abdul Haq  men and they came fully prepared for the grand showdown. As evident this was done to keep the Hindus to gather in large numbers. The entire court campus was in their control. These men were fully armed with weapons in court. The role of administration was merely support this invasion. None of the relatives of Rinkle Kumari were  allowed in the court. The court made it sure that an unilateral verdict  needs to be passed. Despite the court’s scheduled  timings of 9 AM to start the business the proceedings were started by 7:45 AM.  Inside the court, as per the eye witnesses, while Rinkle Kumar’s statements were being recorded she was slapped on continue to insist on returning to her family which ultimately forced Rinkle Kumari to eventually fall in line. While this drama was enacted inside the court , in the courtyard outside the court Armed men fixed Loudspeakers atop their vehicles and  Islamic sermons were being broadcast. The court atmosphere was such dramatized that no kidnapped hindu girls could dare to open her mouth and that is what happed to Rinkle- Separated from her family and in an hostile environment of 500 men firing in the air , even men of the bravest of the brave heart would fall in line leave apart 19 year Old Rinkle Kumari.

The trial court in its order said it had permitted Rinkle Kumari now Bibi Faryal Shah and Noved Shah (to whom she was forcefully married off) to stay together as husband and wife. While the atmosphere outside the court was turned to jubilation  with armed men firing in air backed by backed by sounds of drums, the Hindu women sobbed and  Hindu men & Hindu community lawyers cried foul. This is how the conversation cases are converted from being of clear cut case of Kidnapping to that of girls accepting Islam and marrying Muslims at their free will.!!!!!

Most of the cases of similar nature lapse at this stage with families of the victim unable to proceed further. The fear in Muslim or Islamic backlash is too real to be ignored. In most of the cases Girls remain untraceable and remain untraceable primarily due to the support of local police which never priorities such searches and partly as the kidnappers themselves belong to influential families and even member of police force as being the case of 18 year of Rachna Kumari of Jacobabad, Sindh Pakistan.

Rinkle Kumari had been fortunate on two counts that she was kidnapped but was traceable and second that her family her family could put up strong protest. Rinkle’s family despite being forced to take refuge in a Sikh Gurudwara (Sikh place of worship) and latter in Southern port city of Karachi managed an protest which surprisingly consistent protest.   It was out of their sheer courage that they could gather strength to standup against an  increasingly powerful group of Mullahs. The protest although had the capacity of merely dozens but the point to noted that it did have the support of a fraction of Secular Muslims who could risk their lives to support Hindus. Despite all odds the protests were indeed staged in Lahore occasionally and primarily in Karachi.

The Hindu community did take up the issue to the next higher level to Sindh High Court which did provide a temporary reprieve to Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Lata (a practicing physician who too was kidnapped and married of with her kidnapper). The trial of Rinkle have been most controversial. Even before the high court could take up her case there were multiple media appearances  were staged by Miyan Abdul Haq that she converted to Islam on her own, that she was drifted to Islam ideology since long time, that she contacted Birchadi Sharif pirs  to take her to the Shrine where she accepted Islam although surprisingly the term “ marriage by love” which was initially used was dropped.

In the hearing of the Sindh High court Rinkle did get temporary reprieve when she & Dr. Lata were send to Women Shelter home for a fortnight till to be presented to Supreme court where a date of 26 Marth was fixed for hearing. Although the case of Dr. Lata was less controversial , but  in case of Rinkle who opposed the conversation her suffering have been unprecedented hardships  ranging from manhandling to sexual abuse. Even darning the hearing at Sindh High court she was not only surrounded by Women flok of Miyan Mithoo but an Bluetooth device was plugged in to her ear so as to give have toughest instructions in case she deviates from her dictated line.

The Sindh High court however sent both the girls to Women Shelter home just to be presented to Pakistan Supreme court on March 26. The beleaguered Hindu community although satisfied with the verdict as at least the girls were out of the clutches of the Kidnappers.

The most unfortunate of the kidnapped girls have been that of third Girl Asha Kumari. As per reports She was kidnapped from a Beauty Parlor in Jacobabad   where she used to go for training and never return back. Her family despite repeated protest against the authorities were never could separate her from the kidnappers. As per reports in the local Sindhi media an ransom of Rs 4 million was was sought yet the girl all of sudden was presented to the Pakistan Supreme court with a Muslim name and as an married women. In her case too the conversation had had blessings of  Miyan Abdul Haq.

The time between Sindh High Court interim order and that of Supreme court order have been a period of high Drama as Hindus along with civil society began to protest which Muslims fanatics issued one direct threats after another. Muslim fanatics while demanding the girls to be handed over to them issued a treats of Kidnapping 4 Hindu Girls followed by forceful conversation in case Rinkle is not handed over to them. These blunt threats are  were published in leading Sindhi Language news paper viz Awami Awaz. As the days went by threats had been more vocal as the fanatic could easily mustered widespread support. Threats were issued that in case Rinkle Kumari alias Fariyal Shah converts back to Hinduism her punishment would be just death.

It was under such intimidation that Three bench of Pakistan Supreme Court headed my chief Justce Iftikar Md. Choudhury begin the hearing in the case on two of the three girls as the third girl Asha Kumari was untraceable by the first hearing. One the first hearing in the supreme court Chief Justice Pakistan Supreme Court Justice Iftikar Mohamed Choudhury did infused some hope by holding some form  closed door hearing sensing the immense discomfort of the girls in recording their statements. As per reports from the Supreme court (it was never made public) the girls did comply that they had they have been converted but once the girls were allowed to meet their parents they did expressed their desire to be returned to their parents. Rinkle being most vocal of the two girls insisted on being sent to her parents. But despite her insistent CJ issued the order to  sent both the girls to the women shelter Home on the grounds that girls need some more time to decide on their future. This despite Rinkle refused to return back to the women shelter and insisted being sent back to her parents as she face torture in the Women Shelter Home. But while the girls parents and members of the hindu community protested the Girls were forced into the armored vehicle to be shifted to Women shelter home to Karachi.

Although not reported by the media at large these Rinkle Kumari express her displeasure at the CJ decision by claiming what had always been believed by hindu minority that “ All are hand  in Glove. There is justice only for Muslims, Hindus should not expect any justice”.

The fear that was expressed on 26th. March were indeed put to practice by Pakistan Supreme court on 24th. of April 2012. When while the Pakistan Hindu minority expected the Chief Justice to stand up againt the Muslim Fundamentalist the chief Justice shockingly did just the opposite. Neither the Girls nor the people accused of kidnappings were crossed examined. Hindu community counsel who made extensive preparation of the verdict were never allowed to put up their case instead the version put up my the lawyers of the kidnappers were considered as evidence. Worse no statements from the girls were recorded, instead the kidnapped girls all the three were sent to the office of the registrar where it is alleged that Miyan Abdul Haq men were already present who pressurized the girls to sign the declaration that they wished to go with their husbands . Worse Police which itself stand to be accused announced that the girls had wished to go with their husbands. While the Hindu community members along with the parents of the daughters protested the chief justice went ahead with the order.

The outside world  including media came to know only after Hindu community lawyers came out of the courtroom and divulge the details of the proceedings. Initially the media were told that the girls are being given a choice to return to their families or to their husbands but in reality the opposite happened. There are credible reports that suggests that the court proceedings were pre planned to deny hindus community any chance for a fair trial. Every girl case was different yet they were all packed to one. Same say that Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme court had already signed  the order even before the hindu girls were forced to do so. The chief Justice shockingly took once sided view of the kidnappers there by demoting his office.

As the dust of the court order settled down  there were shocking revelation that even in the women shelter house mityan Abdul Haq had free access to Rinkle where as her family or lawyers were never allowed to met her despite petitioning the Pakistan Supreme court. Not only this there were consistent calls from Pakistan Human Rights commotion to Shift the Girls to any alternative save place in  Pakistani Capital Islamabad yet all calls were the judiciary or the Government. There are credible reports that Rinkle was sexually tortured to soften her by Mian Abdul Haq men.

The Supreme Court Order have unprecedented implications. Henceforth no hindu would dare to have any faith in the judiciary of Pakistan. In this case too Supreme court instead to removing  the scar on itself where in Ghotki court the victim Rinkle Kumari was slapped in presence of  the Judge, the highest court in Pakistan have even prolonged it reputation . Recently there had been a case of Presedent Zardari’s party female MNA (Member of National assembly ) slapped an women poling  office, the SC of Pakistan wasted no time in pulling up the MNA where as in Rinkle case SC Pakistan never bothered to take up the case.

Even as the case of Kidnapped hindu girls moved from court to court in the name of providing protection to the victim protection have been provided to the kidnapers where the family of the victim were virtually underground to terrified to protest openly.

There are unconfirmed reports that a review petition is to be moved in the Pakistan Supreme Court but with CJ Pakistan siding and perhaps surrendering to the fundamentalist MNA it is unlikely that he would allow any free trail on the issue until and unless the case is backed my international independent observers.

The Case of Rinkle, Asha or Dr Lata are not isolated case nor the kidnappings are masterminded by any high rank leaders of AL Qaeda . The kidnappers are all rich & Powerful. Neither the case are of non State actors. According to Human Right commission of Pakistan such kidnappings happens almost on the daily basis. The numbers if added up could reach in thousands with 20-25 kidnapping a month this is a menace is spreading at an unprecedented rate now with the SC order the minority Hindu community have become even more susceptible to the kidnappings. The Pakistan Supreme court order needs to be revoked in light of massive irregularities that have been committed. The girls cannot be denied a fair chance to defend and legal aid apart from meeting with their parents as it is their families who would be providing strength to the girls to speak of their minds.

India & Pakistan already have a treaty signed in 1950s named as Nehru-Liquat pack which guarantees equal opportunity to the minorities yet inhuman practices being followed visa vis minority Hindu community in Sindh. Even after the court verdict Sindh Govt. which imposed Section 144 there by prohibiting any rallies in the parts of Northan Sindh including Jacacobad & Mirpur Mathelo, Fundamentalist including Miyan Abdul Haq were allowed to take our processions by openly displaying their catch viz Converted Hindu girls in the streets with provocative slogans thereby  humiliating and terrifying the Hindu Minority which constitute barely 1-2 % of the population even further. But as Hindu community  in Jacobabad began to protest, the protesters were booked for violating the Law!!!. A day before the Supreme court judgment members of the civil society were beaten up by Fundamentalist organization “Sunni Tehrek” but instead of booking the sunni Tehrek the Provincial Sindh govt. booked the members (most of them women) for defaming Islam!!!!

Women and that too from a minority constitute the weakest section of the society and needs to be protected at any cost yet in Sindh Hindu women are stripped of their pride, honor & Modesty at the will of the kidnappers, with no fear of prosecution. Long after the family members of the kidnapped girls tend to forget the girls , it is the girls who are made to rot and slaughter her rest of life as sex slaves. Separated from her parents and loved one and in absence of any legal aid life of the girls are like a living Hell. There are reports that the girls are even sold to other men for Money.

The story of the kidnapped girls is the story basic human rights that too of women. The Hindu community in Sindh is an suppressed  community which had been left with no voice of its own. Since 1947 Hindus have been migrating to India and to the outside world which never stopped despite Nehru – Liquat pack. An almost nonexistent or feeble Civil Society meant that the voice of the Minorities are never heard in the outside world. For the Hindu minority, their dignity is at the mercy of the majority who are generally insensitive to the pains of the community in Sindh.

Sindh had been called the land of Sufi saints or as commonly regarded a moderate form of Islam yet in the name of Islam crimes are being committed which could be equated only with the crimes against humanity. No commission have ever been set up to probe the excess of the crimes that are being committed against women. It is this immunity from the crimes of Kidnappings and sexual assault only men from influential status make use of to perpetuate crimes against girls.

Hindu community in Sindh need a voice that had to come from outside world. The issues being faced by Hindus in Sindh in general and women & girls in particular needs to taken up my civil Rights group, Media, Women rights groups, United Nation, civil liberties groups apart from Goverments of independent states. Until and unless world wakes up it is unlikely that Hindu Girls would ever get any justice.

The international community need to take up the retrial of Rinkle-Asha-Lata cases so that lives of the girls could be saved from a living Hell. The revoking of the Pakistan Supreme court judgment is to be the first step in providing the justice to Hindu minority women.

In case work community turns a blind eye to the crimes Sindhi Hindu women would continue to slaughter an inhuman which would further lower their dignity. Its time that international community wakes up or else even  GOD can’t help Hindus of Sindh.

Any individual / organization/civil rights /women rights groups  willing to help Hindu community may contact the following persons in the relation to the case (These are Pakistan nos.)

Advocat Amar Lal former Advisor to Benazir Bhuto

Former Special Assistance to Prime Minister / Former Federal Minister / Chairman Pakistan Minorities Commission

Cell #   0092-3008261539  &  0092-332-8261539