Sindh Govt forces Hindus to study Koran in Schools

Islamic Studies (Koran) made cumpulsory for all (Including Non Muslims ) in Sind which houses 95% of Pakistani Hindus

Karachi (Staff reporter) all the educational institutions in the future educational years tenth class teaching to memorize the Quran is being declared compulsory.
In this connection the Provincial Education Department across the province in the private and government educational institutions of Holy Quran compulsory education to memorize the experts of the Education committee is formed in the syllabus of change with the proposals for teaching the Quran memorize important recommendations.
The chairman of the board intermediate Professor Anwar Ahmad Zai under the former secretary of education in the committee Murad Ali Nizamani, former chairman guide book Board Sindh Dr. Habibullah Siddiqui,

Director Bureau of کریکولم Abdul Majeed showed how civilized and Mohammed Sheikh will be Additional Secretary to Education Department of Education has been made Secretary of the committee. The committee has started the work immediately.
In this connection the Committee Chairman, Professor Anwar ahmad zai said that the committee to fourth class of tenth class teaching of Holy Quran family holiday in a compulsory in each class to memorize the Quran parts of education should prepare the schedule for

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  • Dear Rakesh, can you read urdu? is there any thing written as to hindus will have to read Quran? This is completely false portrayal of the news. The news says it is compulsory for muslims. not for non muslims. please be fair in ur judgemnt

    • Forcing Hindus is no big deal. more so when Hindus are facing unprecedented hardships. Why dont you kick them out. They will consider themselves as the most fortunate and let your county be without any kafirs . Why to trouple the Hindus. Just open up the border man

      • There are ever so many poor and weak muslims in sindh who are facing hardships by the powerfull and influential people.Shall we also open the border for them so that they can live in peace and security with you.

      • Dear Rakesh . I am a Sindhi Muslim by profession a Professor. I would like to inform you that there is, no Quran is compulsory for Hindus or even for Muslims in Sindh. But Islamiat or Islamic studies for Muslims and (Ethics) for non-Muslims such as; Hindus, Christians etc. Hindus being Sindhi they prefer Islamic Studies in comparison to Ethics. Hindus know writing, reading, and speaking Sindhi language, culture etc therefore, they prefer Islamic studies in comparison to Christians. This is a baseless charge on the Sindh Government. though you have several other complains regarding Hindus, unfortunately, we ( Sindhi Muslims) face same situation slightly less in comparison of Hindus. This is due to incompetent government of Sindh.

  • the main problem is quran its a diseases

    • This appears to be response of crude thinking. Quran is as holy as any other religious book like bible. Why should we be interested to hurt sentiments of those who follow its teachings. We have many books which we respect as a matter of faith and similarly others have also equal right to respect his holy book. Disrespecting it indicates deeper malice, ignoring it is better option. Besides there is contradicting statement hereinabove that reading of Quran is not compulsory for non muslims. Matter should end here.

  • Nowhere the article says that the study of Quran will be compulsary for non muslim students also.Please correct it

  • @sudhir
    People like you are scourge of earth

  • Dear Rakesh,
    Sindhi Hindus are the indigenous people of Sindh. They are the founders, owners and builders of Sindh. They should not leave Sindh in any case. Actually, there is no religious fight b/w Hindus and Muslims Sindhis. Sindhi hindus leave Sindh because of worst law and order situation. Sindhi muslims suffer more than hindus because of kidnapping, ransom and robberies. But Please try to create harmony among Sindhis. Sindhis should have no religion except Sindh.

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