Rinkle’s SMS to her MOM shared by Raj Kumar

Mom, Leave me & migrate to India so that I could give up my life with ease. These ppl blackmail me that my family would be wiped out. If I refuse to take meal but they manage to force me once a day’s meal under the threat of Guns. Mayan Mithoo tells me that from if your relatives couldn’t save you in Ghotki court , Shelter House & Supreme Court do you think that they could ever free you ? I said I was never a Muslim & I will never will be a Muslim either. I just want to be with my mom. They force me to eat Beef almost every day but I throw it away. I simply survive on Vagetables & Paulses just 2 be alive. Mom please tell me when you are migrating to India so that I could die. They tell me that they will be taking me to Saudi Arab durning Ramzan – I refuse they threaten me with Gun. MOM I want to die but god is not permitting me that too.

I came to know that my brother had got married. Look at my fate I could not even sing Sehra (Sindhi Marriage songs) in my lone brother’s marriage!! I planned a lot for my Pavan’s marrage. Mom even putting all effort you couldn’t save me. I cried in front of media that this country is or Muslims. Hindus wont get justice here. Mom today I cried for the entire day, no body is there so provide me solace. This never happed when I was with you Ghotki. Mom, what my Bhabi thinks about me ?

Mom I belonged to you yesterday and I belong to you today. Kidnappers might have control of my body but my soul will always be with you, I and my dead body.

Tell Bhabi that whatever happed was not Rinkle’s fault. I heard that mama rajkumar had left Pakistan. Ask for forgiveness from on my behalf. Tell mama it was not my fault. Hope you don’t delete this SMS ?

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  • How to speak for this cruel country and its leaders. We are living here because its our fate, we have never wish to live in such a state where we are dis honored. It hurts to be a Pakistani, its a state of Rubbish people where there is no need of Kind and ethical people. This sate will itself be ruined naturally; happenings like flood, tsunami, drone, plane crashes will be in its fate.

      • Sadiq, did Rinkle have any choice? Like Safiya (Muhammad’s wife), she had to do what her muslim captors wanted. My heart grieves for Rinkle.

      • You can’t see the proofs, you can’t see the politicians involved in the case and producing the video which is after coercion. Always justify the acts of muslims, even though might be cruelest on planet. wake up from your slumber, this things would come back to muslims who are doing this, no has ever been spared from these deeds..

    • The question of repatriation is simple.Stop the Haj subsidies
      And the money is ready to pay for Hindu families to be settled in Mera Bharat Mahan . Why do we give subsidies to these ppl in India. Hindus never get any subsidies for pilgrimage. And this is internal to stop. Let us agitate and Bjp and shiv sena VHP ETC join hands to STOP SUBSIDY and help our Hindu families out of this quagmire as soon as possible. Sonia your hubby was a Hindu Manmohan you are a Sikh so why the dilemma ! Oh I forgot itis votes that you want. Make Histroy by helping your own out from these Barbarians. Then talk about secularism. Wake up now BETTER LATE THEN NEVER

    • I don`t understand why don`t you all migrate to India? Contact indian embassy on Facebook or Twitter or some NGOs. May be you will live in poverty but atleast next generation will be safe.

  • Level headed people are not there in Islam, only BARBARIANS, even supreme court judges behave like BArbarians and 6th ce. Arabs

  • Dear God, we feel so helpless watching Rinkle suffer in this manner, is there no sane person in Pakistan who can put an end to this and why is Indian Govt silent on this and vocal on less important issues?

  • You people have any idea about Rinkle? Where is she now?

    • In Miyan Mitho’s custody and not with her so called husbend

    • no we dont know where she is?

    • She, in court, said that she willfully accepted islam n married muslim man under those goons pressure. They had threatened her to do so or her family wud be wiped out. Now, her forced marriage is legal becuz of her statement in court. Now, the question arises that if we Indians r aware of this then how come pak officials r unaware of these facts. These muslims have imposed these kind of attrocities whenever n wherever they have been in majority. These wolves shud meet the same fate here in India atleast as they dont deserve to be treated as humans. Being Sindhi myself hurts me more bro. I wish n hope same is not repeated wid our coming generations here when these sankes multiply themselves. U r a shetty that means from Karnataka. If these snakes make majority in coming times then surely they r goin to throw ur upcoming generations out of ur land n remaing will be crushed in this way.
      SO to save ourselves, we have to become lions n hunt down n eat these bastards in our meals.

  • at present she is in pakistaani leader resident, go through 2 month old india today’s the complete story about all

  • fuck off pakistan..

  • 99% of the Hindus dont know about Rinkel Kumari case…..this is the fate of our Hindus..They never unite…. and dont want to protest!!!

    • Agreed! Tell you what, even if Hindus unite for a cause, their strength would be suppressed by the so called bigotry forces. This country couldn’t won triumph even to the Muslims when it comes to Religion and history suggests that the highers echelons of politics, govt. and other circles have pull their hands out in all situations questioning the religion. So how come these innocent people could voice their sufferings??

  • bloody asshole pakistanis says islam is a peace religion… fuckk off this porkis.. we should do the same thing with their ppl then they will realise… this ppl r fucking thr own allah by doing all this unethical things… may god punish them soon n wipe out the entire islamise frm the world

  • Rinkal Bahen Tu Agle Janam Me Swarg Jesa Ghar Payegi Aur Pakistani Gunde Kisi Gandi Nali Me Sadege . . . Hindu Brothers And Sisters Pakistan Chod Do Hum(Bharat) Apko Ashra Denge

  • Rakeshji,
    hindus in pakistan must leave the place for good…..why don’t you people just migrate to india..and talking about rinkle and other girls only a petition before US or UN may make impact our pm is unfortunately a good for nothing fellow particularly congress……my prayers for rinkle and other poor girls

    • it’s not that simple to migrate to India. Is India ready to absorb such a huge refugee?


      • India has welcomed Hindus from pak n bd many times.

  • Kahaan hen hamare secular neta,Mahesh Bhatt,Kuldeep nair jese log,Jo Bagha Border par jaakar candle march karte hen,kahan gaya Inka Sadbhavna mission ……Dhongi Saare,Pakistan me Rahnewale Sabhi Hindu Bhai Turant hi Pakistan Chhod den,Ye Aapka hi Desh he,Vahaa Rahenge to Hamari baaki bachi hui Mataao,Bahno ka Hasra Achha nahi Hoga,Hinduo ab to Jaati-Bhed Bhulakar Ek Ho jaao Bhai…Varna Aage Aane Vaali Naslen Hame Maaf nahi Karengi…..

  • yar Rinkal tu bahut hi sahsi hai tayri baray mein jankar aisa lagta hai ki taray jaisay bahut hi kam log is duniya mein hongay jo itnay atmbiswasi hongay, yar bagwan karay ki tu jald say jald us situation say nikal sakay iskay liya mein bagwan say tereay liya pray karunga tu jis din barat aygi hamlog ka sina garv say choura ho jayga ki dekh ek aise ladki aa rahi jo apnay biswaso or asulo par adig rahi ,Rinkal we wait to you when u come india.

    • Netao ki hi to ye sara kara dhara hai.Tabhi to ye massom Rinkle Bechari aur na jaane kitni hindu & sikkh in mullo ke zulam Ka Sikaar ho rahe hai. Maro Do saale qasab aur azfal guru.behan ke takko ko. nahi to in harmi ke pillo ko humein saup do hum in saalo ko aisi maut marenge ki aane wali sabhi iske jaisi pidhiyaan paida hone se pehle hi dum tod de .Jai Hind.

  • Wish if all of you here had realized that we all are humans excluding ethinic backgrounds. I feel pity on you guys here that how much time you have to think of everyone’s religions hindu muslim or jew or any in the world.. Stop cursing be unite.. May God give you a brain. Its well said a single bad seed planted destroys the whole tree.

    • y always we suffer.. if something happens with hindus then u said all r one people doing r not muslim.. but whenever we talk about our rights we r communal…

    • May be all Sindhi liiberals should join together and approach the court to get this poor girl released from the clutches of MianMitho because he has no right to keep her as his slave.


  • There are no God fearing people in that country. There is not single man in that country who could put case in the court why Rinkle is being hold in the prison by Mia Mitho. Shame on you so called Sindhi liberals. It is better for Mian Mitho to kill this girl so that her soul can be free.

  • Aag Laga do iss Harmiyo ke desh me foonk do sare pakistaniyo ko.Taki fir kisi hindu ya sikh ki izzat na loot sake. Yaha bhi to muslim girl hai jise hum chute bhi nahi hai. Kyonki humare ander insaaniyat hai.na ki haiwaniyat.

  • Govt of Pakistaan Shame upon you you were Devils you will pay for it

  • Jago Hindu Jago….ab Hindu khatre mein he…nahi jagoge to bahut jald tumhare humare sab katuwe ke jaat ho jayenge….Jai Shree Ram…bhagwan Rinkle bahan ko mukti de do….Mulle se…Dosto aap jante ho bhagwan tin chiz banaye he…Inshan-Janwar-Katuwa ye log alag kism ke prajati he…jo janwar ke jaise dadhi rakhte he…bibi bahan ko bhio bana lete he…bibi ke marne ke baad bhi…usko fuck karte he….mullo harek chiz jab atti hota he to ant hota he…dekh ab tere bhi ant hoga…

  • यही हैं असुर जिनका सिर्फ एक ही धर्म है मानवता पर अत्याचार करना भारत वासिओ तैयार हो जाओ धर्मयुद्ध के लिए मानवता को बचाने के लिए !!!!!

  • GOD please save these sister from the busturd and destroyed the busterd’s country.plese go away all hindu from these country and make fight angainst these beast.

  • Bharat me bhi ese halat na ho iske liye abhi se those kadam uthane ki jarurat he .jago bharatiyo hindu jago.jay shree ram

  • ye sirf netao ka hi kasur hai vo chahe to rinkle jasi ladkio ko bachane ke liye aawaj keu nahi lagate….main yadi neta hota to sasadan me es topic me jarur baat karta aur jab tak koe hal na niklta to bar bar es k bare me awaj lagata ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • indian govt. should give pressure on pakistan, UNION BODY should an eye on the case

  • very difficult to survive here for hindus but after such highlight of case if she didnt get the justice how could we hope for justice,,,,, bhagwan maalik hai ab to hamara

    • Though it kills the hope but be bold enough and have faith in Baghwan. He will surely come to everyone’s RAKSHA!

  • Maaf krna apne iss majbur bhai, ko jo teri raksha na kr saka.
    Sharm ati hai, ghutan hoti hai apni vivasta aur lachari pe.
    Tere sare Hindu Bhai mar gay hain. Khatna un kutto ka hua aur Napunsk hm ho gay hain.
    Bhagwan muje iss nirlajjta k jarur saja denge.
    Are ab v sharm nai hai, Hindu bhaiyon me, to behan tu mar hi ja.

  • mai sat me hu

  • Bharat must clear a large part of land build houses and bring back all Hindus who want to migrate to our beautiful Bharat Desh, and all muslims who don’t like Bharat and are causing problems ( terrorizing our communities) must take the next plane and go to Pakistan.or any other country that will accept them.

  • pakistan me rehne wale hinduo ko aatankbaadi banna padega,aatmghati hamlavar banna padega,yadi wah apni ma behno ko bachana chate hto , aur koshish karni chachie ,hindu pakistan chor de, apni raksha khud karni padti h, hindu devio aatmghati bankar pakistan ko barvad kar do,

  • they r devils and rascals .they wil see their children dead in their lap we hate pakistan and muslims GOD will punish u all morons

  • Pakistan ko itna yaad rakhna chahiye ki waha se jyada hindustan me jyada muslim hai, agar isi tarah waha HINDU ko pareshan kiya gaya to kisi din tum me se koi nahi bachega. HINDU ke andar ka gussa mat dekhna. FUCK off pakistan

  • Its shameful incident fr hindus livng their..Its daily news I read that Hindu girls r forced 2 be muslims..Even their womens r 2ill torched liked killed or burnt wth acid..Such a inhuman based country it is.Muslims who r lustlovers hvng permission of 4 marriages hw cn respect womens..Its is nw Hindus turn 2 stand a mass movemnt agnst 2 govt 2 stop this & request Indian govt 2 save them as we r saving muslims here.SINDHIS jst leave that country&cm back 2 India.ur nation itself cannt protect u .

  • ap kya samjhrahe ho k ap pakistan me tahfuz health security aur political protection he iselye bethe hue he.are pagalo jis mulk me muhtrama benazir ko itni securty k bawajood shahed kyajata he aur media k samne use time saboot mitaejate he khoon dhoyajata he aur asif zardari khud 5saal hukumat chalata he phr khone dunya ke nazro se door he aur ap kya samjhrahe k ap aur hum chote logo k lye supreme court k judjes ne nokrya le he.koi insaf nahe milega jahape jiske lathe uske bhens ,yahape hamare qaum isleye bethe he k mithae ache he aur makhyo k uthne dil nahe kahraha chahe mithae me poisn kyn na ajae,hum golyo k mu me isleye parhe he kynke hamare gerzarore mufad yahap he baqe gairat ka kya he (sindhe me kahawat he sir salamat huje patka pya merba.)

  • only speking great words wont cause them any thing stand up at leat ner ones of that girl if few stand up surely all will join for a journy all through the world can be started by a single step dear ones . and stop acusing religion its we iditoic humans who ear doing it all religon prech the same thing and if this message can be passed on to her then please you better escape or dont loose hope be patient . i ask god t look upon you and let all our prayers be with you and help you dear

  • I heat pakistan and all pakistanis.

  • I heat pakistan and all pakistanis .

  • Pakistan never took lesson from the experience of
    1971. They need another ’71. I have no more words
    to condole Rinkle. I pray to God to look upon her. And let our combined prayers make her free.

  • Why are we silent / We are a bunch of pseudo secularists in this country; although what is happening in Pakistan is not our botheration but still is it not a human right violation? Why are we so silent on this when we speak of Godhra incidents are we not partisan?

  • HUM Hindustaniyo me ekta ka abhaw hai yahi kaaran hai log hinduon k saath ye suluk kar rahe hai .wo bhul jate hai ki 5000 year pahle pure world me hindu the or aaj bhi bachcha paida hindu hi hota hai .uske gale me cros dalne se wo cristan or lulli katne se muslim nahi .or in muslimo ko to padaya bhi yahi jata hai . humare vedo me likha hai अहिँसा परमो धर्म inka to dharam hi भ्रष्ट hai. जय सनातन धर्म .i fully support hidusm

  • The only solution to all these problems is gather at one place and try to study in depth what these people are thinking and why they are thinking like that. And to educate our young generation about their mentality and psychology. It has to be a well organized and well planned educational program. Then every one of us would be able to understand and take serious steps to stop this. Those serious steps may include a movement of intellectuals, advocates, journalists and technocrats, a political party, a group or any social activity. The point is prevent this from happening again not only to Hindus but every human being.

    What is that telling them, motivating them that what ever they are doing is right? Why is not happening in any other civilized and developed country?

    What is the reason why is it happening only here?

    Why not we could prevent it from happening 40 years ago or 50 years?

    • Hindus in Sindh are mare 1 % how could your expect them to fight with 99%. Itz our duty to help them to settle in India. There is hardly any out way

      • I agree with that point that we have to come forward to help them settle in India or anywhere. The knowledge about the deep complexities of a group of people who wants to unbalance the harmony of the society has to be taught and learned in depth by every one of us regardless of which ever country we move to. Moving to India is a short term plan, but to integrate our culture in another country needs a united platform. It has to be well organized, well thought out and well planned. We need a team of scholars, advocates, professionals and journalists to support our cause. It has to be continuous. And all these things has to be repeated again and again. The knowledge about the human psychology, history, religion and sociology has to be taught thru these media like your page so that we should better understand what is happening around us and can predict what will happen in future. This will help us in taking serious steps to protect ourselves. Even though we are small, but with power of knowledge we can be strong.

      • An eye does not see what mind does not know. How many of us know the truth? How many of know the proper history of Indo-Pak and the world? Even those educated people like doctors and engineers do not know what is being cooked in the minds of bad people.
        We must be aware of what is happening and why is happening and will it happen in future or not.
        No doubt moving to India is no 1 step we should take now. But in the long term, there is no alternative of proper training and education on large scale. We need schools committed for that.

  • Even we have the guts to protest against pakistan or islam what they are making deadly problems to hindus, central government headed by bledy congress with so called seculasist parties prevent us directly or indirectly to keep their vote bank safely

  • Roshan Ramkrishnanji & Ahmdabad says I am totally agree with u And Reqest u to please let us United and make some Change

  • ohh……shame on, who has did this with rinkle kumari……..

  • please For God sake don’t do this ……she is daugther of sindh…..i hate lyk these typ of srdar’s nd kamora’s……..these are mimic as human being……… itz not an any religjous thing he did….he is nt a brve..he is a pig…….. i suliute rinkle kumari on ur though ..u r bold daughter of sindh….

  • I request to Nato Force that pls 4 God sake ek Drone bomb Bharchundi Sharif nd ek mian Mitho k ghr pe fire k to I thnk 50% taliban khtm hojaenge

  • Ye laato k bhoot hn jo baato se nae maane aur na pak gvt ki koe hme supprt mlege sb saale crupt hen… Poora mulk tbahe k kgaar p khra h ths z the time 4 india r 4 US to over take Pakstan. Pakstani khd tng hn is gvmt s ye sbhe chahte hn Pak ka nam mit jae

  • basterds……


  • Gosh ! Wtf is happening in pakistan…just kill all fanatic paki muzzies…they are evils of the earth…
    to hell with jihad…!
    death to terrorism
    death to islamic cult…!

  • ab to jago hinduoooo…….or jagaoo sab hinduoooo ko

  • ye hai asli islam jo aurtopar julam karta hai ye muslman kaise jaanat ki baate karte hai agar allah(GOD) aise karne se jannat bhejta hai to mujko jannat nahi jana sabse bada dharam insaniyat hai dusero par daya karo logo ke dukh dur karo na ki logo ko dukh do ma har us admi aur majhab se nafrat karta hu jo insano ko dusero se nafrat sikhta hai allah ne sab insano ko barabar banya hai

  • देश के लिए पटेल या सुभाष चाहिए, और देश द्रोहियों को गोलियों से भून दे!

  • I think agar ab sindhi hindu migrate nahin karen ge to shayad kabhi nahin kar pain ge
    Because is ke baad aage bahut kuch hone wala hai

  • we should unite for protest hindus

  • no doubt that R.kumare is suffering & she must get relief but the Q is y u all r cursing islam or pakistan.just think about it,,,it is of no good rather it will increase the fifferences.

    • Sir,

      Rinkle , Asha & Dr Lata have been punished because of being non muslim or Hindu. They are not the only one. As per Pakistan Human Rights Commission as many as 20-25 girls of minority community commission meet the same fate as Rinkle Asha & Lata. This proves this is not the solitary case.

      I have seen lot of Muslim taking strong excepting of any statement that they presume is being used aginst Islam but the fact of the matter is all this have been stated by some one who him selves is a muslim.

      In case of the present case the first reaction of Muslims should have been a call for expulsion of people like Miyan Mithoo to be expelled from Islam faith as he is defaming Islam by his activities. But that never happened. If you cant act against you own, I presume you loose the right to to dictate others.

      Make no mistake that People like miyan Mithoo have used Islam to cover his crime that ranges from Kidnapping and Rape. The silence of the majority is what led us down

      Remember that just as you love your religion we too love our religion.

  • deze porkiz think 2oo highly f demselvez datz d rzn dey dont pity deze unfortunate happeningz n try 2 cover dier folliez….wt wud deze islamist extremistz feel if d muslimz r treatd d same way in india az dey treat hinduz in pak….bt v’re humanz…v dont distinguish ppl on d basis f religion…d population f muslimz haz increased in india snce independence bt on d contrary d hinduz in pak r being converted n dey’re treated brutally if dey dont agree….i dont knw dis stupidity f porkiz will eva come 2 an end or nt….i jst hope..

  • Why Government of Pakistan is not understanding ,this is a new style of kidnapping by Iliterate and criminal PPP MNA Mian Mithoo and his sons.They just converted the girl to Muslim to grab her.Poor girl is in the custody of kidnappers.Why human right organization is not taking the action, They should call both girls ( Rinkle and Asha) and reveal the truth in front of the world. This is not the fighting of religions ,we just wants justice.

  • this is bad. really bad! what if we hindus started doing the same with muslims in India? then also they wont realize. they are just too much. Pakistan wont progress in future if the same continues. this is for sure.

  • Pray to God to save her life from these terrorists, who exploit the whole world peace and World Human Rights org. must save her life.

  • I agree with that point that we have to come forward to help them settle in India or anywhere. The knowledge about the deep complexities of a group of people who wants to unbalance the harmony of the society has to be taught and learned in depth by every one of us regardless of which ever country we move to. Moving to India is a short term plan, but to integrate our culture in another country needs a united platform. It has to be well organized, well thought out and well planned. We need a team of scholars, advocates, professionals and journalists to support our cause. It has to be continuous. And all these things has to be repeated again and again. The knowledge about the human psychology, history, religion and sociology has to be taught thru these media like your page so that we should better understand what is happening around us and can predict what will happen in future. This will help us in taking serious steps to protect ourselves. Even though we are small, but with power of knowledge we can be strong.

  • This is really bad !! Rubbish Pakistan Government Shame-Shame !! if Indian Hindus started doing the same with Indian Muslim ….Then ?? Every Hindu must Vote here for our community and for our religion.

    • Agree that Human Rights have been abused to the extreme with minority Hindus in Pakistan, Even India has minorities and Muslims are a minority. How many Muslims have they converted forcibly in India. Malaysia has a Hindu minority, but no forceful conversions there! Force beef in to a Hindu mouth? If you force Pork in a Muslim mouth? The educated women of Pakistan and in particular Sindh Province, wake up before these barbarians in the name of Islam run you all over including Islam women. I urge all Indians to organise their neighbourhoods to protest and pester the Parliament members to STOP HAJJ SUBSIDIES for Islamic Indians and use the funds to resettle these minorities from Pakistan in India.After all Indian government does not provide subsidies to Hindus or any others. Cheap vote grabbing is done by this subsidy. My heart goes towards the girls like Lata and Rinkle. They say Islam is a good religion,it is now up to Pakistani Mullas and their Political Leaders to show the world IT REALLY IS! OR IS IT? WHAT IF HINDUS use guns to start mass conversions in India? SECULAR INDIA wake up this is the real world of Pakistan.

      • In Sindh the civil society and nationalists have raise their voice in favor of Rinkle kumare we all the Sindhis condemn this barbaric act of fanatic mulas and bastard Mian Mitho which rascal is criminal and chief pattern of daciots in Sindh, in fact the Sindhi society is kidnapped by these feudal lords sindhi muslims have also suffered a lot in this country, the people of Sindh were st aunt opponents of the Sindhi’s Hindus migration, they were middle class and back bone of sindhi society and culture but vultures/panahgirs came from India planned communal riots in the leadership of Liaqat Ali khan and punjabi bureaucracy forced sindhi Hindus to migrate India, this was conspiracy at that time and also conspiracy now this time to force sindhi hindus to migrate they are sons of the soil they should not leave Sindh and remain here I am sure that one day sindhi society will get rid from the yuk of feudal and frm state tyranny.

  • we need U.N. and Amnesty International’s support on this Matter !!

  • these pakistani muslim bloody scoundril must be punished for their cruel act ………………………………………………………..common frnds ………now the has come to rise up and hve protest against them……………………………they are just a
    hunger of kicks………………..


  • मुझे रात भर नींद नहीं आई जब मैं रिंकल के बारे में ऐसा पढ़ा. रिंकल काश की हम तुम्हारे लिए कुछ कर सकते. तुम्हें जो कुछ भी सहना पड़ा है, उसका दर्द हर हिंदू के दिल में है. हमेशा रहेगा. मरते दम तक हम इसे नहीं भूलेंगे.

  • May god bless you

  • How do we say that Islam is equal to ………all good phenomena? Hazrat Mohammad(sm) also did the same way as said in Quran (Ganimat ka mal) where looted assets, girls etc. are shared by them (just see the Nasty Quran)

  • i m from pakistan but one thing i must tell u..
    when a baby born fist he or she feed from cow or buffalow coz mother have no feed in her breast but muslim eats buffalow nd cow it means they ate their first mother
    wat do u think wat can they do wid us………………..?

  • sir hum aap k sath hn
    may god bless you

  • stupid any person has dare come on screen and bark what he wants to say. never abuse Islam . all of u who use derogatory language wiil get their fate in hell

  • Rakesh ji hum se ap kaya umed karte ho bataye har shambhav sayog denge abhi rinkle kaha hai kesi hai kuch pata hai kaya

    • We need to force Indian Govt. to take up the issue of Forced Conversion of Rinkle & other girls with Pak govt at the highest level so that fair re-trail is conducted. We need to keep fighting on till we achieve success. We need the support of all to achieve this

  • rakesh ji FB par rakesh lakhani nam se hi ap ka account hai kaya or may i chat with u ap kaha rahte hai

  • Sahi hai hum log to support karege hi India govt ko bhi karna chahe ye Gujrat to apka support karega India govt ki abhi dhul mul niti hai is bare mai or sara des or duniya ke hindu is karan atyachar bhugat rahe hai ab wapas janta jagi hai or in kuch logo ko jo dhul-mul hai wo jaye ge or phir des ka utthan hoga

  • Pakistani hinduo ko bharat aa jana chahe ye aatyachar rokne ke liye wese bhi is napunsak govt ne 5 karod bangladesi yo ko des me betha rakha hai kayo ki ye napunsak govt me itni takat nahi hai ke sind par hamla kar ke hindustan me mila le.

  • hindus please be unite otherwise be ready to face aupcoming threat and name of threat is ‘secular’. these coward secular hindus anything can do for money and also can sale their mothers and women to muslims. muslims are liars and they can never be human. muslims are liar when they are in minority and after majority they behave like demons. islam is nothing but a contemprary threat to huminity. islam is based on a fake god ‘allah’

  • muslims can never be a secular or nationalist because they follow only one thing and that is ‘islam’ a demon religion

  • hindus please choose a government that favors hindus and bharat and don’t give your votes to secularist and congressies on the name of cast. these secularis and congressies are slave of muslims ad by dividing hindus they form a government and these government is appeaser of muslims. and muslims don’t ask your cast when they cut you in pices, they see only that you are a kaffir hindu (infidel)

  • hindus must realize that they are dealing a religion blind group and these muslims never stop until they dominate all world and make other non muslims as slaves and laboures of their so called god ‘allah’ a demon god

  • muslims don’t know freedom, they don’t know respect to other religion, they don’t know humanity , they know only one thing that is supremacy on kaffirs and supremacy on women and their lands and properties.

  • violence on the name of allah, rape of innocent and helpless women on the name of allah, genocide on the name of allah, attacks on the name of allah, not to respect other religion on the name of allah and still these coward hindus are sings songs of secular and dead body of hindus will also sing songs of ‘secular’ when muslims take majority and wipe out all hindus and others and stilll then few hindus will sing the song of ‘secular’ and when a hindu try to save hinduisam and hindus these coward secular hindus will call him ‘communal’ but these impotent media, seculars, congressies and ‘human’ right activist does not tell a word to muslims because in their eyes only muslims are human and hindus are animal and still than secular hindus will sing song of secularism while sitting on the body of a innocent dead hindus and hindus never be unite but still want to fight muslims, what a ridiculous joke by hindus.

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