And Finally Hindu migration make headlines in Sindhi Media

  • Hindus plead for #Rinkle & #Manisha’s  release before Precedential team
  • The girl presented in Pak SC was not Rinkle : Rinkle’s Uncle
  • Please return my doughter : Manisha’s Father Babumal
  • Hindus should not feel alone : Ryaz Chandio & Nyaz Kalani Sindh nationalist leaders
  • 310 Hindus Migrate to India on Pilgrimage
  • Hindus migrate from Thar parkar, Amarkot & MorpurKhas post Rinkle , Manisha Cases
  • Hindus need security not jobs or ministry : Human Rights activist Kalpana Devi
  • Hindus are the original son of Soils , rest came afterwards : Kalpana Devi
  • Migration is Painful but forced conversation have left us with no Option : Hindu Leader
  • Hindus have enough security & are  not migrating : Controversial PPP MPA Aijaj Jakrani #Manisha
  • Hindus are not migrating for Fun, Forced Conversation, Abduction & Killings have taken a toll : Hindu Leader
  • Forced Conversation & atrocities will force Hindus to empty Sindh : Hindu Leader
  • Hindus are son of Soil . We will put up the case of Hindus before Precedent Zardari : Precedential team in Jacocabad
  • What type of Justice is this that 14 yr old be raped and we are forced to accept that  : Hindu Leader

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