Rinkle’s Unkle Raj Kumar

“18th April decision of the bench headed by the Chief Justice Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Chowdhury, in Rinkle Kumari Case, has made a murder of justice in a same manner as Justice Moulvi Mushtaq case did in Zulifqar Ali Bhutto case. On 18th April it was generally believed by the world and particularly in Sindh that Supreme Court of Pakistan after hearing the cries which Rinkle made and the statement she gave in the Supreme Court on 26th March, in which she had said that she by choice prefers to go with her mother, and also on 10th April Supreme Court by rejecting to hear the petition of Naveed Shah, thus was again reinforcing a hope for the oppressed Hindu minority of Sindh that Supreme Court will look into their ordeal with fairness.

On 18th April the tea break began at 11:00 AM which normally is for half an hour was prolonged to one and half an hour. At about 12:45 PM when Lata and Rinkle were brought before the court, Rinke stared to her parents and begged by folding her two hands, showing chit in her hand. The bench comprised on three judges started hearing the case of kidnapped Hindu girls, and without being heard the kidnapped girls’ statement in the court, the Court announced that all three Hindu girls have converted in Islam and the police may take them and ask them where they want to go and thus leave them to that address.

Such decision of court is beyond our mind’s eye. After all what pressure did chief justice was fraught with that he altogether ignored to the statement Rinkle Kumari gave on 26th March before this bench of Supreme Court of Paksitnan? It was such a statement of Rinkle Kumari, whose acknowledgement was made by no one else but the CJP himself on 10th April while rejecting the petition of Naveed Shah?

Prior this decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan on 27th March the Meerpur Mathelo town was cordoned off by the police and thus made impossible for the family of Rinkle Kumari and the Hindu community to reach to local court, and her so called confessional statement u/s 164 Cr.P.C was said as recorded before the magistrate. At that time hundreds of armed men under the command of Mian Mitho of Bharchondi and his sons were present in the court and kept it under its siege. After that they got Rinkle along by holding her neck and one arm tight. After that, it was announced she has become Muslim with so rejoice, that it was looking as if they had conquered an enemy’s country.

A few days after this incidence Mian Mitho, MNA PPP has himself admitted the fact before a pvt channel that after the request of the Police he had taken the responsibility of security of the local court when Rinkle was produced before the court. By such statement of him it appears that he wanted to say that the responsibility of providing the security in Ghotki District is not a job of Police or Rangers or any official department but it is a responsibility of Mian Mitho of Bharchondi.

Before this statement of Mian Mitho, his son Mian Aslam is also on record saying to pvt channel that it was he who brought Rinkle in his custody on 25th Febuary, from Ghotki to Sukkur. In nutshell in all court appearances of Rinkle from Mir Pur Mathelo, Ghotki, Sukkur to Sindh High Court Karachi it was Mian Mitho who brought Rinkle in his custody and yet every time police claims that it was police under whose custody was Rinke produced before every court.

It is a open secret that when Rinkle was made to have a press conference in Karachi Press Club on 11th March, she went in the custody of the persons of given by Mian Mitho of Bharchondi. After getting confused seeing the quality of the questions of the journalists they quickly got Rinkle from her Arm and left the Press Club Karachi. This fact is also acknowledged in the reporting of BBC, Daily Dawn and Awami Awaz.

This is also fact that we had shown confidence before the court in the Shelter House headed by Justice(R) Majida Rizvi. But after the program of Hina Gillani on Dawn Tv it was unearthed before us that one cannot rely on any women shelter of this country, it is fact that these women shelter homes are virtual brothels. And that was why Rinkle Kumari before Supreme Court of Pakistan was crying in a fit of hysteria that she should not be sent to any women shelter home and said “ I will die but not go to shelter home, I will not get justice in this country”

All these facts mentioned above are stored in our mind like a horror movie. This has turned our sleeps into a nightmare, but if even a little smaller incidence had occurred to any girl of affluent family this must not have had happened to her. But unfortunate Rinkle was neither a daughter of any Feudal lord, or if any Peer, but she was a daughter of primary teacher and more worst is also that the teacher father of Rinkle Kumari is also a Hindu.

And also the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan without having had heard the girls in the witness box tells the fact that these courts are also religiously influenced. Otherwise it is impossible that court could give custody of kidnapped Rinkle back to kidnappers and the police who were also part of the crime against her. The criminal role of police who were in connivance with kidnappers is subjudice in the Sindh High Court.
Before the Registrar Office Rinkle Kumari had said to Comrade Amar Lal that right from Ghotki to Sukkur to Karachi in all the criminal activity she was made subject to along with Mian Mitho of Bharchondi and her sons the police had also been doing same with her. Rinkle also told to comrade Amar Lal in the Supreme Court she is drowsy because of the injection passed in her.

The chit that was passed in the hand of Rinkle was made through police, in which her statement was drafted which she gave in the registrar office as her statement.
In 1947 it was not all voluntarily migration of Hindus, the same tactics were applied also at that time too to make forced migration of Hindus. And same conspiracy has been again made against Hindus this time to force them to migrate. If all Hindus are forced to migrate what will happen of those Mulim patriot Sindhis than, perhaps all decisions this time may take place against them also.

It is very unfortunate that sindhi politicians, journalist and writers are criminally silent on the injustice, abuses inflicted on the Sindhi Hindus. Today when they are silent Rinkle Kumari is still looking for the space and passage that she can come back to her parents. Like daring and bold historic character of Marvi she is not ready to succumb before the tyrants. She is still in struggle against them to get free. Which also is vindicated from the fact that she did not talk even she was forced in one tv program, which fact has also been acknowledged by some newspapers.

Our struggle to get Rinkle Kumari free from Bharchondis is on and shall continue till we achieve her freedom. I urge upon all the forums of human rights in the world and in this country to please come forward and highlight the ordeal of Sindhi Hindus who due to predetermined prejudice mindset, are been forced and subject to live under oppression or leave the country.”

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  • migrate to India guys

    • Good stuff. I am Akash, Niece of Bharathlal Mandhan. I was a resident of bridge view apartment 605 #4

    • When this country was got independence on the basis of Muslim religion not on the democratic. We only can expect that from them. So called CJP, PM and President of Pakistan and there party members are all corrupt. They don’t have any humanity in their life. God forbid this kind of incident never happen to any girl of Muslim or non Muslim.
      I pray to God do some thing to those corrupt people so other people can learn the lesson, specially (bas***d) mian mitho who take advantage of innocent people and miss guide them on the name of Allah.
      Islam is religion of peace not kidnaping and forcing to change others believe. Why don’t u understand you making your life miserable by doing this.
      Hope you understand…

  • @Mayank Kulshreshtha you mean to say after migration they would be safe? huh … go and read World Top Ten Countries With Highest Reported Crime Rates http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-top-ten/countries-with-highest-reported-crime-rates.html … india is 10th among top 10 countries in this list…

    • You forgot to mention that United States tops this crime chart. Pakistan isn’t even rated because perhaps “reliable” crime records are unavailable!

  • Its time Hindus in India meets barbarism such as this with similar barbarism. We need to kidnap and convert some Muslim woman here … I guess that’s the only language these animals understand

  • Crime is different thing, where your offspring is not safe, no body is ready to listen you. Neither polce;from SHO to IG ,nor courts; lower courts to superior courts, what will you do?

  • any country/place is much safer then the fail state like pakistan,which is hub of terrorism & religious fanatics..where from army to politics to media,police, local people all are bloody thugs and criminals..A safe (un-safe)heaven even for Osama bin laden

  • @Naeem, that funny link wat u given,, kiddie..new to the net world ? puh…
    Did u missed the other site links where pakistan top in rapes,terrorism and other criminal activity.
    As by ur old link ,the crime rates counted by FIR recorded by police or by law enforcement agencies….Those great countries atleast genuine in Recording FIR and then takes action against the criminals.. Not like pakistan,where rinkle like thousands of cases up there without any FIR recorded by police…

  • Keep stop kidnepd,foricebly c0nversi0n hindus into islam in pakistan .specialy sindh provinc of pakistan .so we want to jusice in pakistan specialy in sindh provienc

    • You will never get Justice in Pakistan. If you haven’t understood even now I don’t think you would ever understand

      • Lakhain Ji
        I have been reading your views about the plight of Hindus in Pakistan for the last couple of months. In this regard I wish to submit that I has mailed a letter (on your gmail ID) to you through which I intend to contact Shree Raj Kumar (sister Rinkle’s uncle). Since I had no clue how to contact him I am requesting you to please do the needful, if possible. I will be greatful to you if you can do something in this regard.
        Thanking You
        Bipin B. Singh

  • Keep stop kidnepd,foricebly c0nversi0n hindus into islam in pakistan .specialy sindh provinc of pakistan .so we want to justice in pakistan specialy in sindh provienc

  • There are some professions; like Dr, Advocate, if any patient came to doctor, its his duty to save patient, with out seeing patient s’ cast, color, religion. Same position of advocate. In Rinkal case, we could not hire advocate in lower courts but in superior courts, advocate quit and refused on 16th April that he could not come on 18th April, because he has a case at Sindh court from where he got big money and could quit sindh high court s’ case. Acountry, where on religious discrimination , you could not hire an advocate??????

  • Hello sir….
    Aak ke shath aur Rinkal ke shath jo hua uska muje bhut dukh he. Sir me Rinkal se shadi karna chahta hu jo aap ki ha ho to.Fir aap sb pak ko chor kar India aa jaye nd shadi ki na ho to b me aap ki help karne ke liye tayar hu. sir plz pak me rehte sb hindu bhia ben india aajav. hun sb aap ka shwagat karte he.. My mb no plz sir one time call me +919624400766…
    Jay hind….
    Bhart mata ki jay…..

  • To
    Shree Raj Kumar (Rinkle Kumari’s uncle)

    Subject: A humble effort to share the trauma and grief of my sister Rinkle and her
    family members


    Most respectfully and before writing anything I would wish to introduce myself to you. My name is Bipin B. Singh and I am a young advocate practising in different courts in Delhi including the Supreme Court of India. Before joining the legal profession I also occasionally wrote on human rights related issues in newspapers.
    However, the special purpose for writings this letter is to share the intense trauma and grief of parents of Rinkle Kumari who lost their lovely daughter in a carefully co-ordinated conspiracy hatched by muslim fundamentalist. By writing this letter to you I am also sharing the grief and trauma of all the hindu families (Dr. Lata, Asha and all others) who have lost their daughters to such religious fanatics who view the hindu minorities in Pakistan as the most desirable way of venting their ill founded enmity against India.
    I also wish to thank my sister Rinkle for the courage which she has shown in fighting against the atrocities which was inflicted on her by the religious fanatics with open support and encouragement by the State establishment including the highly deplorable role which the Pakistan Judiciary played in her case from the lowest to the highest level. The story of Rinlke’s is like the battle of an unarmed, harmless and innocent hindu girl against thousands of armed men who ultimately (with overt support from the State establishment and the Judiciary) finally succeeded in forcing young girl child into prostitution like situation. I wonder if they are being simple victimised in the name of being hindus, and therefore, belonging to India.
    I have been watching and analysing intensely all the traumatic incidents which have been taking place in Pakistan in recent times against young hindu girls who are the most vulnerable among hindu minority in Pakistan. Recently (almost five to six months back) I also participated in the conference and party which was organised by the Bar Association of the Supreme Court of India to welcome a delegation of more than hundred lawyers from Pakistan who had come to India to get a feel of the working of the Indian legal System. The situation was like two brothers meeting after a long gap of time. However, the role played by the Judiciary on the other side of the border has saddened me a lot. It is not the case that crimes are not committed in India but the brazen State and Judicial support which the kidnappers received in the case of Rinkle, Dr. Late and Asha and many others can never happen in any democratic country. In fact the nature of Human Rights violation of hindu women in Pakistan has assumed such proportions that it should now be taken up with the United Nations.
    I may be far away from your family but (I don’t know why) the degree of grief which I experience is very deep and may be as deep as yours. Even the death of loved ones would not cause such grief as the condition to which these girls have been subjected to. The way my sister Rinkle fought her lonely struggle to save her dignity is highly commendable and she very well qualifies to be called ‘sister Durga’, if not ‘Maa Durga’, and therefore, I propose to give her a new name — ‘Narayani Vaishnavi’. The highly disgraceful way by which she has been falsely made to believe that she has become a muslim by forcing her to convert is also very heartbreaking. In this regard I wish to say that a person who is born a hindu always remains a hindu and dies a hindu. I have myself visited many majars and masjids in India and have also read about Islam and have respect for it but by religion I am still a devout hindu and there is no force powerful enough to change my religious beliefs. Therefore, if a hindu girl is forcefully made to read certain quaranic verses, that will never make her a muslim.
    There are many questions which have now begun to crop up in my mind and I request to please answer them, if possible.
    • How is Rinkle’s mother? Where is she living these days and what is her psychological condition? Where is Rinkle’s father and is he teaching in the school in which he was teaching? How is Rinkle’s brother who was being threatened to be killed by these people?

    • Where is Narayani Vaishnavi (Rinkle’s new name)? What is her condition? Have anyone met her? Is she allowed to talk to her parents? Also write if you know anything more about her present condition and if she desires to be united with her parents.

    • Please also write something about Dr. Lata and Asha if you have any idea about their condition?

    • Also write something about the general conditions of hindus in Pakistan.

    • Do you think that the hindus in Pakistan would be willing to return and settle in India if the Government of India as well as different State Governments in India takes appropriate steps to provide them adequate settlement opportunities here? Please answer this question by taking into consideration the views of other persons.
    There are many other issues which I would like to discuss with you and the questions asked above are only a tip of the Iceberg. Please be in contact with me, if you think appropriate and if you so desire. You can also write to me at my official address at 17, First Floor, Central lane, Bengali Market, New Delhi – 110001 or email at barrister.bipin.singh@gmail.com.
    Thanking you
    Bipin B. Singh

    • Barrister Bipin B. Singh

      Thank you very much for your concerns about forced conversions of hindu girls. It is really painful that only young girls are impressed by the Islam!!!! Who are least in contact with the preachings of Islam. While the male hindus who get good chance to know the teachings of Islam are not impressed and are not converted. This is very strange. This is also big slap on the face of Islam that their followers are converting the hindus at the gun point. It is hundred million question that why only hindu girls of teen age forced to adopt Islam and then they are forced in the name of love marriage?

      In reality there are few culprits who are defaming the name of Islam. It is big black spot on the face of Islam and it is caused away by the handful muslims and defaming the name of Islam.

      While in reality majority of muslims are good human beings and extend helping hand to other followers.



  • only sindi love brothers hindu

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